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I write Robert’s Remarks because I enjoy finance and like trying to help people. I write about that which I see, understand and analyze, not the way people think it should be.  I do not guarantee the performance of anything I recommend or any outcome. That goes for any stock, bond, or commodity. 

I mostly assume that most of what I read to be accurate but investigate deeply all that I read.  The study of history for me is very important, especially when it comes to finance and economics. I feel I have the ability to see ahead based on current events and I use math to prove my assumptions. I have a long background in finance but only worked for myself. I am not a guru as all gurus wing up on the trash heap of time. 

I am beholden to no one, get paid by no one. I retired when I was age 54 and I never looked back or worked for anyone in the financial field.  I believe in the miracle of compound interest and total transparency in all issues. If you do not have honesty and truth, you have nothing. I am not a gloom and doom person, but I call it the way I see it, and then write it that way. You must think for yourself and carefully weigh what is said by a controlled media.

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