The Great Con Game goes on before our eyes.

Robert’s Remarks  June 20 ,2015

The Great Con Game goes on before our eyes.

“I am not young enough to know everything”  Oscar Wilde

“In WAR, the truth is the first casualty. Since Fascism promotes permanent war, the truth never shows its face, since truth is deemed to be the enemy.’ Aeschylus

There is now very little truth in the media.

This Remarks will be divided into two parts. One is the Geo Political segment and the other is the Financial Segment. I write less often than I did a few years ago. What’s the point of analysis  when everything is manipulated, controlled, fixed by corrupt politicians. Of course these are my recent feelings. You no longer have a two party system. The republicans now control the house after the last election, but nothing has really changed. Not until the country completely cleans its house, will there be a major change. Not until there are term limits, limiting how long a politician can remain in power, will anything be improved. Corporate lobbyists control Congress. Power is based upon manipulation.

Many senators and Congressmen have been there 25 years or more.

Your president stated before taking office, that he will make a fundamental change in this country and he has  succeeded in doing just that. He is destroying and bankrupting this nation. Easy to understand. Just look at what we spend, on our budget deficits, and on the propaganda to make the average  joe think things are good.. While the can has been consistently kicked down the proverbial road, I believe that we will be experiencing a first of many Black Swans starting with a period of October to December of this year. ( Repeated from my last Remarks) At least that is what a specific chart conveys. A Black Swan, to repeat, is a surprise event taking participants totally unaware. We are very over due.

Geo Political First  ( all my opinions)

Why geo political? I am not an expert, certainly, not in this field. Firstly, because so much money, men, equipment is going into this subject. Fighting Isis. Secondly, every commentator, and all media including O’Reilly goes into the subject of Isis,( or Isil) and what is this country doing to stop them.?? And my answer is NOTHING  should be done to stop them. Is that un patriotic, or is it putting my thinking cap on?. Maybe one should understand what really is going on, what really is taking place, who is fighting who.  Maybe people, intelligent people, should stop,sit in a rocking chair, and do some historical thinking.

Firstly, who is Isis? This band of outlaws was firstly established and funded by Langley. Who is Langley?

It is merely another name for the CIA. located in Langley Virginia. Isis was originally funded to go after Assad in Syria. To kill the Syrian army. It is doing that. Isis is primarily made up of Sunni Moslems who traditionally hate Shiite Moslems.

Who are the Sunnies and the Shiite Moslems.?? They are two main branches of Islam who have been fighting and killing each other for centuries. ( back to the 13th Century) Does the reader understand this? There was recently a speaker to a Mideast conference I went to who stated,” why stop them from killing each other?” It is their right and they have been killing each other for centuries. .  There was recently a retired Israeli Intelligence chief who stated, ” Hezbollah , a faction of Iran ( Shiite) on the Israeli Lebanon border, is doing Israel a great service.” They are killing Isis members and Syrians better than Israel could” Why stop them??” They use up Iranian fighters, weaponry, money and keep Iran occupied against the Isis, instead of against Israel”  Why would anyone stop them? I agree ( my opinion). Yes, many casualties on innocent civilians.

But to quote Netenyahu,” You don’t want to mention these by product casualties.” ” The Allies bombed Dresden during the second world war as retaliation for the bombing of London. Dresden had no strategic value and produced nothing. 150,000 civilians died in one night.Nothing makes that right.

But before I go on further: Like Christianity, the Moslems divide  into literally dozens of sub groups. If you watch your TV, one cannot tell who all the players are and their reasoning behind what they do. The media carefully does not explain the difference between the two. After reading many books on this subject, if you understand who is where and why, you begin to have some sanity into what is going on.


Al Queda  Enemy of Washington

Al Quds Brigade Enemy of Washington Elite of Iran Army

Boko Haram  Enemy of Washington  ( Africa)

Hamas Enemy of Washington, Israel ( West Bank of Israel)

Islamac State  Isis Enemy of Washington

Kurds  Ally of Washington ( Primarily in Iraq, Turkey)

Syrian Tribes Enemy of Washington

Syrian Baathists  Enemy of Washington

Syrian Mujahedeen Enemy of Washington

Taliban ( Afghanistan) Enemy of Washington

Yemeni gvt  Enemy of Washington

Saudi Tribes Ally of Washington



Iranians ( Persia) Enemy of Washington)

Hezbollah ( Primarily on Border of Lebanon with Israel) Enemy of Washington, Israel)

Houthis ( Primarily in Yemen)

Iraqi Shiite Militias ( ally of Washington)

Mostly the whole Moslem world, with the exception of Iran, part of Iraq, and part of Syria isSunni

45% of Iraq is Sunni. The US left Iraq in charge of Al Malaki, a Shite controlled by Iran, where Iraq is 65% Sunni. He promptly fired all the Sunni Generals in the army, thus undermining the Iraq army. The Sunni’s will not fight for the Shiites as one hates the other. You have to understand this.  You cannot train a Sunni in Iraq to fight Sunnis. The only solution for Iraq is partition into three separate states, Kurd, Sunni, Shiite. Nothing else will succeed. The U.S. is up to their eye balls in the Sunni Shiite conflict.

The US supports Shiite in Iraq and in Yemen supports the Saudi ( Sunni)i against the Houthis who are Shiites. Thus the U.S is supporting both sides of the equation.

The true tactic of Obama is  letting Isis ( which is Sunni) beat up Iran and Hezbollah ( Shiite)  and mostly stay out of it. How do I feel I know this.?    When Ramadi fell to Isis, they had a victory parade of cars,( Isis) trucks, etc which was seven miles long flying their black flag.. Not a single US airplane attacked this column, where the whole of ISis was laid out. The whole column could have been destroyed by two Warthogs, a heavily armed U.S. airplane.

The US flies a few air sorties a day for show only.. They could fly a thousand a day. So the policy is to have Iran and Hezbollah use up its best soldiers and assets fighting Isis. The Al Quds Brigade ( Iran) is in Iraq and loosing thousands.And this is fine with me. Isis is brutal, and when they take over a place, they kill all the Shiites they can find. The US is content not to solve the problem but to kick the can down the road, as usual. So in this case, Obama is doing the right thing. ( my opinion) The U.S. is not going to solve the Sunni Shiite mess. Never in a million years. To me, it is a sign of empires that are on the way out-as ours is. You can see this financially., as described below.

The U.S. repeated many times in past Remarks, is an Empire in collapse. Empires tend to get into wars they cannot win or really do not want to win.. Trying to control others, these empires past and present pour ever larger amounts of money into crusades that yield little or nothing. To me, it is crazy. stop talking about” Enduring Freedom” which is the term used for oir intervention into all phases of the Middle East Conflict.

Right now, all the talk is about Isis, but there are lots of ethnic and religious groups which are being talked about. The Houthis, the Kurds, the Chechens, the Pashtuns and they all have one thing in common. They want their own countries. Why is it any of Washington’s business.who gets a country and who does not??. After all, if Washington can have a Declaration of Independence, why can’t others?????

The answer is fairly simple to me, but no one discusses it. In our efforts to run the world ( I am talking about the U.S.)  our government has spent 70 years forming friendships and alliances with literally hundreds of ethnic and religious groups and governments. Thus, when you become a friend of one party, you automatically become an enemy of all his enemies. A single alliance can cause dozens of conflicts


And we make pacts with many dictatorships. Thus, in my opinion, America will not have peace until we persuade Washington to become neutral. That is what Rand Paul wants. This government of ours is so addicted to power that our officials are like the Romans; they cannot imagine a part of the world where they have no right to meddle. The foolhardiness in Washington never stops. For me, it is a wonder to behold. It is like Braer Rabbit in the Tar pit story. We frequently call our actions “one to democratize the world.” We sell all of the American battles as the desire to free the world of Tyrants. As battles for Democracy when they were actually all in support of dictators. You are fed total nonsense by the fully controlled media.

Look at the soccer scandal. They indicted six officials, none of whom are US citizens. Maybe they are taking bribes, but to repeat, none of these people are Americans. We stick our nose in everything all over the world. If this is the case, then I would recommend that you buy stock in the firms that “own” the most congressmen.” And I certainly would own all the companies that produce our weapons. The troops that use our weapons, do not buy them, politicians buy them. To repeat to anyone, 98% of our politicians are bought and paid for by political contributions.

I hear constantly about an agreement between the U.S. and Iran regarding nuclear weapons. But I ask myself, what could possibly be the value of an agreement between twoprofessional liars????


So I certainly would buy General Dynamics ( GD), Raytheon  ( RTN), Northrop Grumman (NOC) and Lockheed Martin ( LMT) We are going to have wars indefinitely. When things get bad, we go to WAR.

Until Washington departs the Middle East ( especially) I would be looking for more attacks on Malls, Churches, schools and other crowded areas.

Just as an aside: The Vietnam War is now a thing of the past. We got into this war after the French were defeated. It was under a ruse that our ship was attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin. ( Johnson was president) The story was to stop Communism ..

We lost 58,000 of our best soldiers, and countless more wounded. Trillions were spent. Can anyone tell me anything that we accomplished in this war.???? There were many inside people and large War contractors that made big money. But what did we accomplish except to spend out country’s precious wealth. We have a black wall with 58,000 names. on it. We now are doing the same thing in the Middle East. ( my opinion)

The Financial Side of things

AM I to be BELIEVED??  ( Various Comments)

“Money corrupts all”  Karl Marx

We thus have the best Democracy that money can buy  Robert

Everything becomes a commodity that is bought and sold for money. To repeat, all wars are basically fought about economics ( money)

But money velocity is at a 4 year low. People either do not have the money to spend, or the banks are hoarding it because they are so overleveraged.

This government and many others throughout the world cannot meet their expenses any more. Thus a pension crisis is massing and is on its way, whether this year in the next few to come. Government thus will in the near future, not honor any of its promises and will in time, turn against its people. It does not matter to me whether the reader is a Democrat or a Republican, a Progressive or a Tea Party member, our government, is fully controlled by people behind the scenes. ( my opinion) You witness, in each Presidential election, a dog and pony show for your benefit. Money talks, lots of it.

We have put in power,incompetent leadership in practically every phase of our government. We are a super power ruled by incompetants. . We have a government that controls virtually every facet of finance. You have four bubbles right now. A stock market bubble, a bond bubble, a currency bubble, a housing bubble.. As you know, all bubbles eventually bust. But bubbles can be blown up to amazing levels. Everything is rigged. But bust they will, and when they do, the collapse will be world wide and something we have never seen before. Your key is the bond market collapse coming and rising interest rates, in spite of everything that Central Banks try to do. Another key is the Greek conflict.

All stock prices are rigged. They are controlled by the “Plunge Protection Team”

All bond prices are rigged.

The gold and silver markets are rigged.

The Forex Market ( interest rates) have been rigged ( Just now being prosecuted. No one has gone to jail for this amazing total rigging. I am talking about the Libor Rate

The CFTC is rigged  Commodities Futures Trading Commission ( A total Fraud government Agency)

Every single asset class is totally distorted. Their prices bear no reality to what the values should be.

Paper money now flees into assets that will retain their purchasing power. Silver, gold, paintings real estate.

The greatest statistical lie is the Employment Index

Our nation is helplessly and hopelessly  in a recession. The manufacturing index has been down seven out of the last eight months.

All our markets are 100%, 24 hour, total manipulation and lies.

We now have had six straight months of declining GDP

Whenever the stock market goes down much below 18,000, the Plunge Protection Team jacks it back up to 18,000.

Whenever gold goes much beyond $1200 an ounce, the Plunge Protection team sells naked gold shorts to drive the price down.

So what can be next in the financial markets. My guess is that we will have a series of financial panics ( many Black Swans) perhaps every few months. But this PPT will make sure that these crisis are V shaped- short. They will continue to do this until it no longer works. Then I also guess that all hell will break loose in some form and I do not have a clear picture of what hell looks like. My point would be that everyone who has an IQ above a toad or a congressman, knows that this economy is seriously damaged by political manipulation and confidence will not be restored until these rotten teeth ( politicians) are pulled. Yes it is that bad now.

At some point in time, we are going to have a Reversal of all of the above. What people need to stay alive will not be available. A Black Swan event will surely come. More unemployment will come, higher gas prices if there is the slightest war signs, Since 2007, the total world debt increased by $57 trillion. All of Europe is now in a depression. Europe is going broke. The Federal Reserve is printing money as fast as it can to combat deflation.

What is so surprising to me is that most are strangely ignorant of what must surely come.

The Federal Reserve has done so much damage to America, that after seven years of economic malaise, lots of cities remain in deep financial trouble, and they have cut security by as much as 50%. Many small towns have closed their police departments  altogether and now rely solely on the state police or other outside protection. It is not unusual for the police response to a 911 call to take an hour or more, and the criminals certainly know this.

Thus I can safely predict a substantial rise if crimes across this country.

It may be hard for the reader to believe, but close to 50% of all cities, towns, states are near insolvency. But again, most people do not realize this.


There are Five Banks that have been fined for all this rigging a total of $105 billion

JP Morgan, CitiGroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sacks. HSBC Bank. The bank is fined but no one goes to Jail because the Bankers run this country. We are no longer a Democracy. All Central Banks are controlled .All politicians are controlled. All media except the Internet is controlled. The NEWS media is really bad.

In thirty years of managing money ( finance) I find that most people at first ignore you, then the laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. It is like that because of public ignorance. Most of the comments I get are that nothing has happened yet and I am crying wolf. That I also have been crying wolf for the past three years. And yet, in my lifetime, I have never seen a NEGATIVE interest rate on a bond sold to the public. Until now. But who would be dumb enough to buy a bond that pays you nothing and also charges you for owning it.?

Most politicians are lawyers and most lawyers simply do not know how our economic system functions.

70% of our national accumulated debt is interest on this debt. And that is why any raise in interest rates will destroy this economy. Because of continually rising taxes, the average businessman cannot develop or survive. Washington must continuously raise taxes because they keep giving away benefits way beyond what can be afforded..

The present stage of this game is capital preservation. That is PRIMARY in my mind. Try to preserve what you have and the purchasing power of what you have. The government is going to firstly go after your pensions, , then wipe them out by keeping interest rates low or nothing so pensions cannot earn anything. Or they will substitute US Treasuries at 2% for whatever you have in your retirement plan. All this is coming.


The average person cannot see what is taking place. It will be his bankruptcy. We now consume VASTLY more than we produce. The eventual by product must be higher prices to come, especially for food. With this, must also come a revaluation of the dollar.. But again, people simply do not see this. It is really not about certain prices going up, it is about the purchasing power of your dollar going down.

When the government bubble pops and pensions also get wiped out, and when government is broke it is the people they will come after to bail them out. A revolution comes against a fictional Democracy. But for now, the band plays on.

I love using quotes to get a theme across

” Truth is treason in an Empire of lies”George Orwell

(You are being lied to every day)

“No man is a good enough memory to be a successful liar” Abraham Lincoln

You see this especially in our current President who has lied so often that he forgets what he first said the month before.

” Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses” Plato

” A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves” Bertrand de Jouvenel

( are you part of those poor sheep)?

” You do not have to wait a single moment to improve the world”  Anne Frank

” The person who says that it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person who is doing it” Chinese Proverb

” Strive not to be a success but to be of value”  Einstein

” You can’t solve current problems with current thinking” Einstein

Above all, you cannot pay off debt by creating new debt. That is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme .The Ponzi scheme that we are playing in this country is a thousand times worse than Madoff.

For me, it has been clear for a long time that the people who are in government ( known as Politicians), especially the upper crust of our Federal government are by and large a group ofthieves . There is a certain point ( comes a time) where you actually deserve what you get. You will reap what you have sown. People turn their life over to these frauds which makes no sense to me at all. These people are not right  and for the most part they are not good people. ( both parties) These politicians do not have the best interest of the people that they are allegedly representing. They are in government to personally enrich themselves and to satisfy their personal lust. The people of this country have voluntarily cooperated in this. Unless we vote term limits,  you are going to deserve what you get.


The Euro is an absolute basket case and it is doomed. I can not project a time–too hard. The Euro has to be totally restructured. The major flaw was to let all the members keep their own treasury and issure their own bonds or debt.. All the bonds of all the members cannot be worth the same unless they are issued by one entity representing all of them. All the members have bonds in their reserves of all the member countries and when one goes broke ( ie Greece) that will start a daisy chain of cascading defaults in all the members balance sheets. In other words, all the debts of Europe should have been consolidated under one entity. Too late now.

The Enigma that is Greece

Greece will be the first to go broke ( it already is), with the ECB desperately trying to keep this country alive. It is going to fail. The most recent bailout was for the IMF International Monetary Fund to give money to Greece ,which in turn, gave it back right away to pay off some of its debt. More smoke and mirrors. But this cannot be kept up indefinitely. In June, Greece owes part of $350 billion. It will be interesting to see how they get this amount. Why does the ECB just print the money and give it to Greece.??? Greece is borrowing money to pay off a debt that was also borrowed. Thus nothing ever gets paid off. A guess of mine is that the latest debt of Greece will be paid by printing money and giving it to them, but in July, August, October, billions more come due. Then what??. Greece has gone broke five times before.

People Just  Do not Understand How Critical Greece Is

To sum up the situation in Greece: A Greek default or even a sizeable debt forgiveness would result in the Greek bond yield soaring, but even worse it would open the door to the great unknown. Never in history has such a large debt bubble been pricked and busted.. Nobody really knows what might happen, except a tremendous loss of asset value around the Western world would occur, which would be a catastrophe. But in reality, it has all but happened already. The game has just to play out. A Greek default would cause a panic, signaling that no location is really safe.. as contagion ( bank defaults) would spread to the Southern European nations very quickly You see, so many countries own Greek bonds carried at face value when they are really worthless. Money must be given to Greece at any cost to prop it up.

Thus the PIG nations ( including Ireland) would be devastated , followed by the Germans London, and the French Banks. Vast accounts of private ownership of assets would simply vanish. The Western Ponzi scheme( and that is what it is) would be exposed and eradicated.. The system would be faced with the greatest interest rate derivatives crisis that has ever occurred. Money must be given to Greece at any cost to prop it up. Repeated

If a nation like Greece is actually allowed to default ( unthinkable) after such great lengths to prop it up, the entire sovereign bond market  will enter panic. ( Does the reader comprehend this?? I think not.. An ensuing panic would surely extend to London and New York Banks, then to the U.S. Treasury Bond market. The Greek government is FLAT BROKE and can only pay its bond service ( interest due) with money handed to it by the EU ( European Union) and the IMF ( International Monetary Fund) which also means the German Banks or the ECB ( European Central Bank ) gifts.

You , the public, are treated to a never ending series of deadlines for Greek payments, and a red line for sacred untouchable Greek assets or items.. Meanwhile, the gutting of Greek assets continues apace. But the bigger story is the consequences for the rest of Europe, if the Greeks default. A Greek failure would alert all bond investors that their money in not truly safe anywhere in Europe. In addition, the bond yields would start spiking for all Southern European debt. ( Spain, Portugal, Italy, and even France.) in a manner much worse than 2010.

A flight to quality. It is the same circumstances that appeared at the beginning of 2008. The problem is that the circumstances are ten times worse than in 2008. Big money is getting out of long term bonds and into the very short term ones. A severe crisis in the U.S. government is but a short way down the road. Many states and cities are going to go broke and then bankrupt. Chicago was just downgraded to junk status.

Government has no solution for the unemployed youth of this country. The senior citizens, those who have any savings, cannot earn anything on these savings to supplement their income. So they can only work longer to help themselves. This, in turn, keeps many jobs from the youth who graduate.. Government can only raise taxes over and over again, banks can only charge negative interest, and the income of the elderly will slowly be wiped out. The greatest money printing of all time will eventually overtake the deflation that is in some sectors of the economy.  Do not count on your pensions being the same. If Chicago is now junk status, just where does the reader think its pensions are going??

Do not talk about inflation or deflation, instead talk about purchasing power of your money. It is disappearing.

” People are really  not against you, they are for themselves” Socrates.

People are so ignorant of what is going on, and what surely must soon take place, that I am tired of crying wolf. So I write less often now, because my message is the same.

1- Get out of all of your bonds and that includes US Treasuries ( except very short term)

All Euro Bonds, all Japanese Bonds  The debt will never be paid back, will be devalued or defaulted on.

It’s all a dog and pony show for you, the public. Especially MSNBC

The world’s central banks are no longer in control of the markets, although they still want to give that impression. You poor huddled masses who do not know or realize what is going on.

You now read about some bankers recommending a ” cash less” society.” Why? Because then there cannot be a bank run., which is very likely to happen when ( not if) a panic sets in.



Stay away from all bonds and move money to very short term Treasuries.

No long term Treasuries. No long term any bond because the money is simply not there.

At least 40-50% of your money in precious metals no matter what the price is now or later

and take delivery. Gold and silver, although heavily manipulated and suppressed, have been around for six thousand years. No paper currency has ever lasted more than 75 years, before being devalued or outright disappearing.

At some point we are going to have a revaluation of the US dollar.

Cash at home and very little in your bank or savings account.

That is because of the new “bail; in” provisions

You cannot rely on the FDIC any more.

Your deposits of all kinds are now the property of your bank.

If your bank gets into any kind of trouble, they have the right now to confiscate your money to pay their bills.

At some point, mostly after the summer, we are going to have Black Swans

of many types including a default of Greece, Bankruptcies etc.

I have been crying wolf for the past three years and I am still crying wolf.

Nothing has changed but the lying and balloons have been getting bigger and bigger.

Greece should have left the Euro long ago, similar to Iceland

They must go back to the Drachma and start all over again.

When it comes to money and payoffs, there is no difference in both parties.

Till later


Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 Remarks

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