Robert’s Remarks   August , 2015


There are no long term gurus in finance. Only short term ones. Most gurus wind up on the trash heap of time. I certainly am not a guru. I merely write these Remarks to express my opinion after thirty years in managing other peoples money. In these Remarks, I mention what I am doing with my own money. You are free to do whatever you like with yours. Most people need income to live on, and to supplement their income.

But there is, for the most part, no more decent income to find, so people now go to the stock market. So far the market has been going up. Having no income on most items is done on purpose, by the Federal Reserve. They find it difficult to paythe interest on the ever increasing Federal Debt.

We are going to be going through a financial testing that none of us have ever witnessed or experienced before. If you wish to survive, you will have to live through this. By all this I mean that Financial Markets are nearing the day of shutdown. Or you can call it a meltdown. Our Treasury Bond market our Municipal Bond Markets, are some of the last asset bubbles to burst. The bank derivatives  which few understand and nothing is said about them in the media, serve as the mythical foundation to the banking system and is at huge risk of crumbling, as implosion continues in slow motion. In all Europe, the credit markets are seizing up. Banks do not want to lend.

This country has no long term strategy, and certainly no long term planing. For that reason, said before, we are going down to Third World Status.


The Obama administration and the President promised job security and job growth,when, in reality,  it is the exact opposite for those who can recall the NAFTA pact with Mexico . The Fascist structure moves forward, complete with corporate bribery, blind allegiance, and simply profound ignorance. The FAST TRACK and THE NO DEBATE ON BILLS passed by  Washington. These are the current tools used upon the still asleep sheep.

I don’t think a lot of people really do not know what I am talking about. In my opinion, Obama has succeeded in wrecking this country, for years to come.” Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”  George Carlin

The US has thee major banks that have $77 trillion dollars in derivatives each ( mostly credit default swaps) and I cannot imagine those numbers. I am asked how low can gold go before it reverses ? I do not think anyone knows that answer. My answer is,” How high can you blow up a bubble before it bursts. All bubbles burst. The bond market is the biggest bubble in history at this moment.. Chicago and now Houston are in extremely bad shape. But I cannot answer when they will default or for that matter 50 other entities.



The house of cards is falling and will continue to fall with the latter part of this year becomingvery plain to you. Greece has not been saved from the inevitable end and exit of the Euro.It will continue to run up debts, give as collateral to the bankers everything that Greece owns till they own all of Greece. That is, unless there is a revolt and Greece leaves the Euro. What the bankers do is very simple: They print money, whether the Euro or the Dollar. They then loan out this money taking something tangible as an asset ( a bridge, a road, a utility, as collateral. When payment is defaulted on, they confiscate or collect this collateral. And it is all from printed money out of thin air.

Greece cannot even pay for toilet paper Their supermarkets are empty.. It is all fiction. The media prevents you from knowing the truth. Then the debacle comes Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and eventually France and then on to Japan. And then on to Washington itself.

Greek citizens are going to suffer even more. Their economy will continue to collapse and there will be massive civil unrest. Sort of something like what will be coming to the U.S. Greece will eventually have to leave the Euro, go back to the Drachma, and then devalue its currency by 30%. Greece is merely the canary in the coal mine. Since 2008, Greece’s economy has shrunk by 25%. The smaller an economy gets, the less of a debt burden it can sustain. So Greece shrinks while it’s debt burden increases. What you are seeing is a vicious cycle that only can feed upon itself. Sheer insanity. There are many more Greece’s out there—so many that even the Euro will not survive. ( my opinion)

In the long run, the dollar in its present form will not survive. In the short run, it will be the currency to go to as Europe collapses. Socialism has never worked and never will. Bernie Sanders, who is running for President is an outright Socialist. To repeat for most people over and over again. Socialism never works.” Only till you run out of other people’s money.”

Thatcher  People will work only so long if you take ( tax) their  money and give it to people who do not work but are on the dole. In my opinion, we are very close to the start of an implosion in our society.

In mentioning the U.S., no central bank has ever printed this much money. Our deficits have never been this high. We never have kept interest rates so low for so long. We never have been inside a bubble for so long. Does anyone understand this??

All the markets have been twisted beyond belief. I am talking about the past three years.

Your Congress is not beholden to the people of this country anymore. They are beholden to other politicians and to ingrained corruption.

Banks now make loans to people and then sell the loan right away. So who cares if you make the payments or not. There are now seven federal regulatory agencies which really do not know what the other is doing.

The bottom line is that self-employed U.S. citizens are fast disappearing, along with small businesses. They have been cut in half in number since 1980 when the outsourcing took root. More than 50,000 factories have been moved to China. It will take a decade to get them back, if ever.

The combined sovereign bonds markets ( to repeat for emphasis) are the greatest bubble of all time. And it is going to bust at some early point. It’s bust will prompt the U.S. government to default, with a nasty restructure likely. That means devaluation to you. Governments are so badly in debt, that they are becoming powerless, like a ship without a rudder. I believe that we are coming very close to a complete chaos that will make 2008 look like a picnic A walk in the park as the saying goes.. Avoiding a real financial disaster by this fall will take a small miracle.

I say all this because the trades in bonds is drying up. No buyers exist in any great size.

Many entities are ready to go bankrupt, to go belly up, to default. Barclays Bank just announced 30,000 additional layoffs. That is on top of thousands of layoffs previously announced. Deutche Bank, Barclays, and BNP are all preparing for massive layoffs across their investment banking and capital market operations. Barclays is shutting down operations all over the world. These events smell like a liquidation event, not a restructuring sequence. They are a big crime center destined ( it seems) to a bigger crash than Lehman.

I would call Barclays in a death spiral.

More big bank layoffs are in store at most all major banks. They have colossal losses against a backdrop of insolvency and lost business in bond issuance and stock issuance

I want to remind all people who may read this letter what a bank bail in is.

A bank bail in. was passed under the Dodd Frank Bill. This bill is one of the worst bills ever passed. This means that any deposits that you may have at a bank, checking or savings, become the ownership of the particular bank, and can be CONFISCATED if the bank gets into trouble. You then become a creditor of the bank but you are last in line to collect anything. Before you comes bondholders, and most important  derivatives are ahead of depositors. The FDIC no longer acts as a payoff for you. In this scenario, you should keep as little cash on deposit as possible in any account. Keep you cash in your mattress as the saying goes. Is there anyone ignorant enough that they do not understand what I am saying.???????

In today’s Wall Street Journal ” Fed  Preps Careful Path For Rate Hike” Then a possible rate hike is talked about incessantly by CNBC. Understand that no rate hike is possible without imploding the system. The DEBT is simply too great and too deep. A rate hike would start the destruction of all the banks and the economy. As Sinclair says, I dare them to raise rates”  And what I am saying is that 80% of what the media prints is sheer propaganda.

Liquidity is evaporating. At some point, even government bonds will not be saleable. The only thing I would but is very short term paper. Over the next few years, I would expect government bonds to easily lose as much at 50% of their value and possibly much more. No amount of yield on any bond will save you or make up the losses on bonds. Puerto Rico is the new prime example, These bonds, if you own them, should be sold. They will wind up loosing as much as Detroit. You had better wake up. To be repeated many times. Do not buy any bonds. Next comes Chicago unless the US government prints money for them.

All the letters that I have written in the past three years have been about trying to get people to wake up. so below are a list of past points which will at some near point, come into reality.

And this reality is inevitable. It will be the collapse of the world monetary system. Sounds too hard to contemplate. Like I am crying wolf.

To repeat myself: It does not matter what the price of gold and silver are manipulated down to, as they are your only way out, if you want to transition from the coming debacle. All the prices of the metals are totally manipulated by selling what they do not have in the naked futures market. ( explained more below) But they will have major value against the paper that will be devaluated.

Pharo did not put any US bank notes or notes of any country in his tomb, he put gold to last thousands of years.

People do not understand the advantage of gold and silver when it comes to a bank printing endless money. I know gold and the precious metals are being sold short in the billions ( paper transactions) every day to force gold down. Plain and simple, Western governments do not want you, an individual, to go to precious metals. A rising gold price is very dangerous for the manipulators. This would inevitable lead to more physical demand, something that would be disastrous for the manipulators.

They want you to stick to paper dollars. Always remember that gold has been around for 6000 years and no paper currency has lasted more than 75 years in the same form. Western governments will be crashing, burning and that is when gold will shine. It has outlasted all currencies and all governments.

And I know that some managers say that you cannot spend a gold piece in a food market. I think that silver dollars might do. I think I could exchange my gold for anything I wanted to.

China, Russia, India continue to buy as much actual gold and silver as they can lay their hands on in exchange for the paper American dollars they hold. Russia just bought another huge load of gold. Are they also stupid as the media would have you believe.??

Bonds, especially long term, are in a huge bubble. ( again repeated) The market always corrects the manipulations of government. I said always. The Fed has kept interest rates at almost zero percent for 71 months. But with the default of Greece, and their bonds, we have a game changer. Bonds kept at 100 cents on the dollar have now been defaulted on. The same as Detroit, which paid 22 cents on the dollar. Chicago is not far behind .Puerto Rico has now defaulted on its $72 billion dollars of debt that it owes and soon will declare bankruptcy. Remember, once a state, or a city declares bankruptcy or insolvency, its bonds become practically worthless. 100 cents goes to 22 cents as in the bankruptcy of Detroit. More than 50% of all cities and states in America will near bankruptcy. Own no bonds–period. Wake up.

Is there another word for broke?

YES. and it is called bankruptcy. It means broke and the game ( charade) is over

The entire U.S. financial system is a charade. Debts can only be paid by printing  more and more money. If I owe you $10,000 and I cannot pay this back and the interest is $500 but I also cannot pay the interest so I borrow the $500 to pay you, nothing has been paid off, only the debt has gone up. I keep the charade going a little longer. And that is what is happening with most of the world. That is especially what the U.S. does

And  the reason not to own no bonds is the huge bubble they are in. Puerto Rico has just defaulted on all of their $72 billion in bonds.That means that no interest payments will be made on these investments. It means that the value of these bonds can no longer be carried on the books of any institution at par or 1000. There are at least five big hedge funds that are loaded with these bonds. They will trade any where from 50 to 70 cents on the dollar., if that. Later they will sink to around the value of Detroit’s bonds and Greece’s bonds which are now about 20 cents on the dollar It’s called junk investments .Puerto Rico is bankrupt. Chicago has been downgraded to junk status, one grade above bankrupt. All the people who own Chicago bonds will loose all their money. And this is going to continue with one city, one town one entity after another, especially as we pass October through December. Can the reader understand the word JUNK? Because practically 50% of all American cities are going to junk.

.People lament to me that gold has gone down, been manipulated  down, monetary value lost,but gold and silver do not go bankrupt. They always recover because they are real money, not out of some printing press. Another manager mentions that gold is not real money. If that is so, what is it the biggest reserve of every country’s Central Bank. They all own gold as their main reserves.

You can own US cash for now. Take it out of the bank and keep it somewhere at home. Keep your precious metals out of the bank. The U.S. banks are not your friend.

Do not believe anything that this government tells you.If that sounds dramatic, it is.

Everything that the wholly owned media tells you is twisted, embellished, or just outright lying. I would also say Obama is the biggest of liars. Do I again have to give you a whole list of his lies.??? The entire media is totally controlled by three large corporations, which, in turn, are controlled by powerful people behind the government.

Your Obamacare health Premiums will be going up by 20-40% in the fall. Just another lie uncovered. Remember, “Your premiums will go down by $2500″ Do you remember that one???

‘ See how you will like the new Insurance premiums See if you like a 40% rise??.. But the people let this man get away with lie after lie. The news media will carry very little of these

increases. I can’t wait till the average person pays 40% more for his health insurance. Nothing like getting a hit to your pocket book to wake somebody up.

”  If The accomplishments of the Obama administration can be summed up in three words,

those words would be, failure, scandal, treason. The president had to repeatedly lie to the people of the United States in order to pass the massive failure known as Obamacare. They have been lying to the American people and stonewalling Congress over what really happened in Benghazi for the last 18 months. They are currently lying/ and or pleading the fifth over the IRS targeting TEA party Groups. Let us not forget operation “Fast and Furious” gun running to Mexico, the NSA spying on American citizens ,illegal military actions in Libya,, the targeting of Fox Journalists, unconstitutional recess appointments, and on and on”  Various Magazines

The politicians in the government, both Democrats and Republicans alike, make believe, with the help of the media, that you have a choice. You don’t. The two candidates that you will get for the coming election, will both be picked by these powerful people way before you get to choose between them. I have said that all along. I repeat it. How many times should I repeat it. Look at Bonner kissing up to Obama at every chance he gets. He is supposed to be the leader of the  opposition party. Again, you have no choice except to be manipulated. ( my opinion)

Your rulers do not want you to be educated, because that may open up your eyes that you are being constantly being screwed. That is why you see on TV when basic questions are asked of college students, they know nothing. Most are as dumb as dirt. From a female college student,” ” Who was our first President” Ans I don’t know. Who is on the US Quarter? Ans I don’t use quarters.”

What’s Coming

A haircut in all pensions. You think I make weird statements. Just use your brains. 90% of all pensions are now underfunded, by big margins. Look up the word under-funded. Every state is underfunded. The pensions also are promulgated to earn 8% on their investments. Where is 8%. Interest rates are 0%. Thus no income returns on investments. Medicare is going to be cut and also Social Security.

Your rulers do not want you to know that you will be loosing your pensions or that all pensions will be taking a big haircut. I call them rulers because that is what is behind the facade controlling all the media and what is going on. There are three major corporations that control 96% of all the propaganda in the total media. These people do not want you to be capable of any critical thinking. Above all, you must not know what really is going on To repeat for emphasis.. More than 50% of all Pensions in the U.S. are underfunded, most by as much as 50%. All the states are now underfunding in order to meet their budgets.

At the present time, DEBT can only be sustained by issuing more debt. Your government is bankrupt and only survives by issuing more debt. More and more, never ending debt. So are most governments and city entities. Pronounce that four letter word, DEBT, over and over again. If the reader thinks paying off debt by issuing more debt can last, then there is no help for you. At some point the charade will end, as they all do. Can’t people understand this.??? The U.S. does not pay off any of their trillions of dollars of debt. They issue more debt to take its place. They cannot even pay the interest on this debt, so the U.S. borrows ( prints) money to pay the interest. And you, the reader, think this  can go on indefinitely??

But a gold coin is not a dollar bill. The charade will go on till some one says I don’t want your dollar bills, I want collateral, your land, your bridges, your highways, your ports. That is what is going on right now in Greece and even in the United States. China buys up every company and piece of land that it can get its hands on–only this is not mentioned very often in the media. The lying, cheating, stealing, is not mentioned in our fully controlled media.

China owns approximately 60% of all the buildings on Wall Street including the huge Chase Bank building. Why doesn’t someone wake up to utter screwing of the public.

The only place where a lot of truth is available is the internet and your government is moving to also control this. The more ignorant you are, the better your government likes it. The second item that must be controlled is the possession of guns. Without this control, the government cannot be a dictatorship. With Obama it is becoming close to this. ( my opinion)

To repeat: Politicians are fully responsible for the predicament that we are in and what is going to happen in this country. The term limits have to be changed to a one term for all politicians. Not 25 years for fully half the Congress. We will be going into the worst recession-depression in 100 years ( probably by 2016) You will see this start to become apparent probably by the end of 2015 starting by late October. No one with any sense, ( brains) is in charge. Major political change must come. I would call it the Tsunami of reality. Someone is going to have to eat the Greek losses on all Greek bonds since they are less than junk. But Chicago is quickly going this route. The money market interest rate

has been at 0% for now 80 straight months =insanity=pure gambling.

I have mentioned many times that one cannot pay off debt by issuing more debt. It is sheer stupidity to believe this. You only delay the inevitable, which becomes worse. The whole financial system will implode. I know I risk coming across as a “kook” . No one, no entity, can continuously spend more money than it takes in. Our debt has been frozen temporarily at $18.5 trillion. When the debt clock is started again, it will be up to $22 trillion. This President Obama, has spent in his seven years in office, fully 40% of our total debt. Can the reader understand this number.???

There is the FRAUD taking place that our debt will be repaid. It can never be repaid. It will be some point in the next several years. RE-set means to be revalued and that word means to be de-valued. People had better get their head out of the sand. Gold does not go bankrupt. You can artificially knock it down, but it never stays down.

You have the illusion of stability But-90%  of all the bailout money spent on Greece has gone to the bankers that run the EU, almost nothing to the Greek people. You have added $85 billion more that Greece owes, to the $350 billion that Greece owed but could not repay. By the end of August, you will have the same crisis all over again. The crisis of confidence in the Central Banks cannot be solved no matter what the money printing. What is approaching is the end of the Central Bank fiat money system. All manipulation eventually ends and ends badly. The manipulation of the precious metals will end by all of them going to their real value. What you have now is the desperate perpetuation of a rotten corrupt financial system. What most people do not know is that if Greece is permitted to default, Deutche Bank would immediately go bankrupt. All the banks in Europe are interconnected. Gone in a second. So wake up. It is all a dog and pony show for you, the public. The cartel will kill to keep the illusion long as it possibly can.

What has happened in Greece is that those in power, the Cartel or the Rulers as I call them, have imposed their will on the people by raw force. I call it the death of freedom of the Greek people. Soon to come here.To repeat, you cannot continue a country and its debt by paying off debt with more debt. Greece is a takeover, not a bailout.. What is in danger in Greece in the integrity of FIAT money. Gold does not go bankrupt.

Tracing Gold

I get many calls on gold , most complaining on its value and decline. Where is the bottom?

My answer would be below 1000 and possibly $940. When? Anytime between October and December. The same for silver. I think we could be looking at $12 and $14. On the plus side, I think we are looking at somewhere between $5000 and $7000. Silver 50 to $100

When.? 2016 to 2017. Your government can and will devalue the dollar, reduce what it can purchase, but they cannot devalue gold. Over the years, gold has only been revalued upward. They can manipulate the price down, but it will not stay there. It always finds its true level.

On the way down I would look for gold to fall totally out of favor. That is what is required to put a bottom in place. So when gold starts to be really panned by the press, the newspapers, try not to be fazed. Try to take it as a bottom in place. But more important, huge government propaganda to demote gold as a relic. To repeat to you again, Western Governments do not want you to own gold. They don’t want gold to play any role in their monetary system or in your money plans. Why? Because gold backing stops them cold from money printing. If stops politicians from spending money and promising everything to people who do not work. So look for incessant panning of gold and silver in the coming weeks ahead.

Already some media statements,” Gold Investor Capitulation”

Gold lowest in five years

People Flee Commodities

Gold gets Ambushed in Asia

Gold is doomed  Washington Post

Gold is not worth a Pet Rock

I have been through this many times. Gold at $100 to $200, then falling back to $100

Gold from $100 to 252 and staying there for many year

Gold from $252 to $850

Gold from $850 to $1923

Gold from $1923 to present $1100

To repeat: Only when the majority becomes bearish at the low, do we reach that precious bottom, and then it becomes time for a reversal of fortune. You then will get an initial rally out of the ashes, and no one will believe in this rally. Only when gold and silver have no friends left. And that time will come-it always does. Not easy to live through.

Who said anything was easy?

As I write this letter, $2.7 billion worth of paper gold contracts was sold in 2 minutes. That is a 30% worth of total annual gold production. And gold dropped by $50.00 All illegal to do because this gold was not available for sale. Just illegal naked short selling by the bankers to depress the price of all precious metals. Done on purpose to depress the price and depress you. Naked means that they sell something that they do not possess.

No major banker has gone to jail. All are given fines to pay with no jail time.

What is true about this current situation is that I was never taught in the graduate school of finance, how crooked politicians and financial institutions could be. How laws are passed for the common people, but the politicians totally exempt themselves. I would have to take a whole page to list these exemptions, the latest being the Congress is exempted from Obamacare, from Social Security payments,from insider trading, and on and on. They have ( 95%) to be thrown out of office.

So let it stick in your brain: No currency has outlasted gold, not even for 75 years. More than 60 countries have devalued their currency, revalued it, or theer currency disappears. That is recently.

All are altered, devalued, replaced, destroyed, exchanged, or any other adjective. etc All., no exceptions. Only gold and silver remain.

Looking at E Bonds, Treasury Bonds

A friend of mine called me up and stated” He had $100,000 in E bonds

I advised him years ago to sell them and buy gold, or silver..   His reply.  Look how far gold has declined and that his E bonds still had $100, 000 face value. I get calls like this all the time.

The worse thing one can own in a time of inflation ( always lied about) is a bond of any kind.

An E bond : As an example; You put up $18.75 and get $25.00 in 10 years.. The interest is $6.25. If your bracket is about 30%, the government takes at least $1.90 so you are left with $4.85% of a paper money that has depreciated roughly 50% in purchasing power. He wants to use these E bonds to pay a Tuition that has gone up by 100% in 10 years., and purchasing power down by 50%. After the government gets through taking its taxes, I doubt that what is left will last more than one and one half years. Tuition has been going up at the rate of 7% a year. for the last 10 years.


Supply and Demand Equation

When one studies finance in college and grad school the words supply and demand keep coming up time and again. Those two words can be applied to any commodity or item.

If the supply of an item goes up, the value goes down as there is an excess of the item.

If the demand goes down for an item or commodity, the value inevitably goes down.

This can be applied to gold or silver.

The demand for silver one ounce silver eagles has been the highest ever in the life of the US mint. In fact the mint has just shut down because there is no silver left to mint the one ounce coins. In fact the supply of silver and gold  has been going down for the past two years.

Yet the price of silver has declined in the face of huge demand. The current listed price for silver ($14.50) per ounce is amazingly $12 below the cost of mining it. Crazy.

The availability of gold has been steadily declining as gold comes onto the market, it is immediately picked up by China, India, Russia and others.

The supply has thus been going down substantially  and thus the value should go up, but just the opposite is happening. The price has been going down. The exact opposite of what is the long term norm. No supply, increased demand, and a declining price.

So what is the answer: It is the huge illegal manipulation of your government, with the backing of the media and the politicians. The government sells it nakedly short in the paper futures market. Naked means they do not have either major metal supply for delivery. They only can deliver paper dollars. Selling a year’s supply of either metal in two minutes  at midnight when there are no buyers forces down the paper price, which sets the price for actual gold. The gold and silver price is determined in the paper futures market., not the physical market. How long can this continue? Till it becomes so flagrant and outrageous that the public realizes that something is not normal.

A small amount of the public already realizes this, that is why the demand is out of sight and there is little supply.


Some interesting items.:If gold and silver is such a bad investment, why has billionaire Ray Dalio, head of the largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, bought 463,000 of shares ofSilver Wheaton Corp Stock. This company has a huge silver flow and makes enormous profit margins and has a brilliant business model. This firm does not actually own or operate any mines It acts like a financier and partner to the mining industry. Silver Wheaton fronts resource firms with cash needed to complete a new project.. In exchange the company receives  a devoted portion of mine output, once the project is fully operational.


In addition, Dalio has purchased large positions in Goldcorp, Barrick Gold, and Pan American Silver . The details of Silver Wheaton are positively amazing. This firm pays $4.14 on average per silver ounce. It can then turn around and sell each ounce for $16.00 spot silver or it can store this silver in corporate inventory. This firm is much more lucrative than the traditional mining stock. They avoid labor strikes, socialist governments, environmental changes, capital layouts like refining mills.. In 2014, this production stream produced 43.6 million ounces of silver. By 2019, this production is estimated to be 51.6 million ounces. Thus, Silver Wheaton is going to be gushing in cash flow. I can see these cash dividends rising like a shot. I sometimes wonder though, if Dalio would have been better off just buying silver outright.

What is so interesting and obvious is that the cost to mine silver, even as a by product of copper is $24 an ounce and higher. Yet the price has been forced down to $16.00.

Reuters has just acknowledged that the gold and silver price has been rigged. That the gold market, especially, has been rigged beyond belief. Why would anyone sell silver at $16, far below the cost of mining it.

The gold manipulators are going to lose this game. I think this is a certainty.. They have managed to frighten investors by substantially manipulating the price down in the last few years. The reason why manipulators are nor desperate is that physical demand has been at very high levels in the last few years, mainly because of substantial buying from Asia and in particular China

In my opinion, the market place has been destroyed by manipulation and deceit in every market. You cannot be in these markets as all legal protections are now officially gone.

All customer funds in the United States are now the legal property of PM Morgan, Goldman Sachs, or whichever mega bank is the counter party on the various loans The bail in laws are now in place, which most do not even know about.

Some things never change–there will be another crisis, and its impact will be felt in all the financial markets. The trigger to the next crisis will not be the same as the last one, but there will be another crisis.. If the present people in government get their way, there will be nothing left of our society and one great country.. These people, are incapable of reform. It is  always about them clinging to power. They know the system is collapsing and Socialism as well, and the only way to stop the collapse of the banking system is to seize all assets and eliminate cash so that there can be no bank runs. We are loosing our freedom. Till later


Sunday, August 16th, 2015 Remarks

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