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Telling it like it is

Our whole economy is propped up by FRAUD

“Central Banks ( such as our Fed) have falsified every asset value imaginable.”

David Stockman    What does it take to wake people up?

“The truth is the greatest enemy of the lie and by extension, the greatest enemy of the state.” Joseph Goebbles

I do not believe that CNBC knows how to tell the truth about anything anymore. Their propaganda about the state of the economy is so bad. The economy is being destroyed right before your eyes and most cannot see it, The fact that you cannot earn any interest on your savings is a huge game changer for most people. That interest on savings used to supplement the social security of most people. That is all gone now.

30% of all seniors now dig into their retirement pensions such as IRA’s to supplement their living standard. And this is not going to last much longer. Then people will just stop spending.

I not longer write as frequently as I used to. Why when everything is rigged? Once a central government  ( the US Fed) grabs power it always expands it till it consumers all power. Exactly what this government is doing, especially under executive order.

The MARGIN CALLS in this stock market now infect every asset class represented by this stock market. They are leveraged to such an extent that if this market drops much more ( and it is now down 2000 points from its peak) that it will trigger these margin calls. To me that equalls acoming meltdown. So many people do not see this.

There are now four indices that are down triple digits, The Dow Jones Industrial Average, The Transports, The NASDAQ and the NYSE. The Gold Stocks, and all Mining Shares have been beaten down to crazy levels. Look At Freeport McMoran, ( FCX) a 10- billion dollar company selling at $9.00 a share. As I understand it, Carl Ican has been buying this stock by the millions of shares. So has George Soros. Why not take a shot at this. Yet, this stock market looks like its going to topple.


The coming collapse will be much worse than 2008. How about 10 times as worse.

The Fed cannot lower interest rates to prop up anything.

They also cannot raise interest rates, as said so many times and also below.

They are now between a rock and a rock.

China has printed fully 20 trillion in new debt since 2007

All Central Banks have printed 60 trillion in new debt.

More than half of all immigrants in the U.S. are on welfare. And we will take in 100,000 more Syrians.

We will, at some time, turn the word” crisis” into the word “catastrophe”.


Once Greece goes down,you undermine the entire European banking system

Greece, as said in previous Remarks, is a total farce. Eventually, it will collapse. It’s a case of let the patient bleed, but don’t fix the disease. What Greece needs is a substantial reduction in debt. But instead, Greece will raise taxes till its whole economy falls off a cliff. All their lush pensions are going to e in jeopardy

The more Greece hunts down money to tax, the less economic activity will emerge.. And thus their tax revenues will decline. Something that is happening here in the U.S. All fools.


We have a Criminal Cabal that currently runs this country.

I would call the Federal Reserve a criminal organization. ( explained below)

The Federal Reserve System is nothing but a banking cartel and an illegal one at that.

It’s only purpose is to help the U.S. banking system stay afloat. I have explained the Federal Reserve before and frankly, I should bring it up in every letter. ( Read the Creature from Jekyll Island by Edward Griffin) If you look at your money, it says, Federal Reserve Notes when it should by US Treasury Notes.

This Federal Reserve is mentioned every day on CNBC as being an entity of the Federal Government. It is neither Federal, Nor a Reserve, nor an entity of the US Government. It is a foreign corporation, owned 90% by Foreigners ( 9 foreign Families) who charge the US treasury interest on the money that the Fed Prints and then loans to the US Treasury. Would you believe such a farce.?? The largest owner of the Fed is the Rothchild Family. They own perhaps 75% of this criminal institution.

Other main owners are The Pincus Warberg Family of Holland

The Morris Sief Family of Italy

Number 10 on the list is the Rockefeller Family

Under our constitution, it is the US Treasury that prints our money, not the Fed.

Why do we have to pay interest on our own money.? Two presidents tried to get rid of the Central Bank, and both were killed Abraham Lincoln and. . John F Kennedy.



What I write in these Remarks is what I feel is going to happen to our country and our economy. Some man not agree with what I have to say. Some think I have been crying wolf for too long. And that is fine with me. That is what makes a horse race. Because of government manipulation, a lot of what I think is going to happen is taking longer to come about..In my opinion, and I preface all of my remarks with this statement, we have an economy backed by FRAUD and Criminal Activity., that it will take at least a decade to recover..

“Americans, at some point, will call for a man on a white horse to save us, There are a lot of guys out there with brown horses and a bucket of whitewash.’  Jack Miller

If you do not understand the nature of the beast, then it will eat you for its dinner.

( what is coming)

You are looking at a credit collapse. And the reason this is going to happen is simply shrinking demand for goods. The Freight Rates are collapsing and the Baltic Dry Index, a measure of total world shipping has also crashed.. To repeat over and over again: The people in office have no practical experience in running anything. It is simply a waste of time on my part to explain how bad things are going to get. We are in an Oligarchy which is going to fail. Obama, in my opinion, is taking this country down to third world status. He is overloading it with DEBT, with increased taxes in every sector of government,with immigration that is overloading the capacity of this country to deal with them,. with rules and regulations that are stifling. And, he is doing this on purpose. A destruction from within.

To save what you have earned all your life, it is much better to be a year early than a day late. I know most cannot see what is coming. Both the Democrats and the Republicans sell out this country for money, supplied by lobbyists. . Bonner was just one of many. He never represented the Republican Party. He represented Obama. The largest companies want to export jobs overseas where the pay is much less and the medical is non existant.

To remind the reader, in previous Remarks, it all will be about DEBT. Suffocating DEBT and then defaulted on..

The present President has spent and printed more money than all the other Presidents combined. That has to be repeated. Thus, ” A nation cannot survive TREASON from within” Cicero. That is what I would call what the current resident of the White House is doing. If the reader thinks that this is an exaggeration, you have no idea what is really going on. My guess is that there is an 80% chance we will not get through September without a financial crisis of some sort. If not September, then through the end of this year.

“Toleration and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.”  Marcus Aurillius

The calamity that I believe is coming is not reversible. You,  the reader, and myself, are going to have to live through this before anything can get better..

The world economy is contracting, and perhaps imploding, mainly due to politicians

who are hunting for more and more money for taxes, and then, on top on this, confiscating assets because governments are going broke. Cities are going broke.  The U.S government is broke, but they can print the money to pay the bills. They can tax you more and more on all levels. They can tax pensions and retirement plans. Anything to find money. Expect this to happen.

A global economic recession looms on the horizon.

Commodity prices are crashing.

Currency markets are in huge turmoil with everyone seeing who can devalue the fastest.

Both the Canadian and Australian currencies are down substantially. Australia down 30% and Canada back to the 2004 level.

The U.S. has taken in more money in taxes than ever before, yet, since Obama has taken office, we incur $100 billion dollar budget deficits EVERY month. Out total budget deficit annually is over one trillion. That is annually. What you read in the papers about out deficit has no basis in fact. We stopped reporting our total debt 176 days ago.

The US government calls Edward Snoden a traitor for telling people that the government was illegally searching and seizing what it wanted to. It was irrelevant that he informed the people that what the government was doing was illegal. That is how corrupt our government is.

The recovery that your government and the media talks about:

“Make the lie big

Make it simple

Then keep saying it and eventually the sheep will believe it”  Hitler

Everything that comes out of Washington, the media, and the president, are easily 80% distorted. There is a much better word for distorted. That is downright lying.

When you make outright money free, as does our government, you create bubbles and that is what has happened in the bond market, in the auto market, and coming again, the housing market. God, when do people wake up. The answer is they will not wake up till it affects you own pocketbook and survival. Till someone throws cold water on you.

” Five percent of the people Think. Ten percent of the people think that they think, and the other 85% of the public would rather die than think” Thomas Edison

“The United States has become a nation of Sheep,Ruled by Wolves, and owned outright by PIGS.”  James Sinclair

There were originally three branches of government, Judicial Executive, and Legislative. There now is a fourth branch of government. The Special Interests, who use Lobbyists to buy what they want. Most everyone is bought and paid for, in one way or another. That is why there is virtually no difference between a Republican and a Democrat. No matter who you vote for. and no matter what the reader thinks. The media, at some point, will try desperately to get Trump out of the race. Watch.

Statements to Live By

Simple Truths

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.

Your media distorts the truth till I really don’t think it matters what is said anymore.

People, as said in every letter, really do not know what is going on.

I don’t believe anything that your government says. Absolutely nothing. They lie.

The one who represents the government, Mr Obama, lies the most. In looking over all of his past statements in the seven years he was president, I cannot analyze anything that was completely truthful.   Politicians, in general, do not have a conscience The main goal of a politician is to remain in office as long as he can..

Take all of the media and then believe at most 20% of what is printed or said. Most;ly blatant lies to keep the system going, An information deficient journalistic environment.

The Free market always wins. By that I mean that your government can manipulate everything and they do,; blow bubbles up to astronomical heights, but everything will bust at some point. And they always do. The debt bubble, especially, is going to blow sky high.

That means any and all bonds will be devalued.

For me, that means to get out of all long term Government bonds of any type and any country. Out of all tax free bonds except those rated Triple A. Out of all Illinois California, Kansas, Kentucky, Alaska. Nevada and many more tax free bonds Those  are just for starters.. These states have huge unfunded debts. They are having huge difficulty paying their pensions. There will be blood in the streets.

For God sakes read and study history. History shows that once an enormous debt has been incurred by a nation, there are only two way to solve it: One is to simply declare bankruptcy- that is to repudiate the debt. The other is to inflate there currency and thus to destroy the wealth of the ordinary citizen. This ordinary citizen can stop this government from doing this by buying every ounce of silver or gold coin he can.. Without the government rigged markets, gold would be much higher and it will go there anyway.

China is exiting its U.S. Treasury Bonds by the 100 billions which forces the Fed to print money to buy these bonds, which is called monetization. This word is the demon to all countries as it leads to massive inflation. When you buy back your own bonds with the printing of paper money. Almost all commodities have dropped back to their 2002 levels. That is 13 years ago. Coal, Iron, Copper, Oil. The Australian dollar is down to a 10 year low, Profits will drop across the board. The average person does not know what is happening to this country and to the economy, and I believe the media, soon, will not longer be able to hide how bad it is.

And so what I am saying, and what is coming is a crash in the stocks, and especially bonds of the energy companies, as they have issued bonds two and three years ago at high interest rates based on $75 to $100 oil. None of these debts can be carried at the present price of oil. There are a hundred companies that cannot pay the interest on their bonds because oil is below $50 a barrel.

Cannot the reader understand that the only out possible for all the nations is to issue more and more debt. Higher and higher debt till we have that one default that is going to set off a daisy chain. What is happening now in the financial markets cannot be sustained. We are propping up bubbles.. Deflation brings about hyper-inflation as the people in power try to survive. They always do this by printing money.

“Too many people spend money they have not earned

To buy things they do not want

To impress people they do not like”  Will Rogers

“It is wrong to tax a person to the breaking point, then give it to a person who is able to work but refuses to”. Sinclair. When this happens, as it has been in spades under Obama, the people taxed either move away, or develop ways to avoid these taxes. A bubble of historic proportions has developed in many areas to support our life style and those who are on the dole. If the reader thinks this will continue, you had better wake up.

Raising interest rates, as many times you see this in the media, is impossible.

A slight change in the interest rates, would affect the mountain of debt we have and will result in a conflagration. In other words, it would crash the markets.

If they do raise interest rates ( as a caveat) either a tiny raise which would mean nothing, or The Fed is loosing control.

And this not is written after the Fed did not raise rates. Which is an admission that the economy is very bad and cannot stand a raise-as said so many times.

However, in the future, there is no chance of a rate hike of any stature. Not a chance.


If you think that Greece can survive having 11 million people and now 400 billion in Euro debt , you should have your head examined.  How much bull shit can one listen to??

A bond is a form of debt. A debt can be paid off or defaulted on. People do not have the assets anymore to pay off their debts., so many bonds will be defaulted on. Thus, it is again necessary for me to say that people who own any kind of bonds, in general, will lose their shirt Your government, however, can roll over their bonds and thus blow the bubble higher till it bursts. Eventually, not too far off, the US must devalue its currency, or US goods will be so expensive that no one will buy our products. This can be accomplished by printing money or in raising the price of gold against the dollar.

” It’s strange that so many people take up crime when there are so many legal ways to be dishonest.”  Al Capone

” Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is why so few engage in it. Anyone who stops learning becomes old fast-whether 20 or 80 years old. Anyone who keeps learning, stays young.” Henry Ford.

The Federal Reserve has hyper inflated the stock market. In this market or markets, nothing is real. In time, the only place that you can go to in order to preserve what you have worked so hard for all your life, will be the precious metals. Everything is going to collapse. because of DEBT. People don’t believe me when I say this,but you can never pay off debt by adding more debt. The US and Europe never pays off its debt. It merely rolls over what is coming due and then adds more debt. The stock market has to go down before it can resume the manipulation up.

China just devalued its Yuan by 8% in three steps. But this devaluation is only the beginning foe China. They want to make their goods cheaper throughout the world. The US simply cannot stand still and let the dollar become hugely over valued. China is going to devalue its currency further. The US is  going to be caught in a vise. Watch.

Does the reader think ( to repeat myself) that  every country can devalue its currency, but the US dollar will not be devalued??  Sit down and think for yourself. The dollar would become so overvalued that our country could not sell any of its good. Thus watch for a US devaluation in some form or another.

You have been fed by the media and your politicians that there is a so called recovery.

There NEVER has been a recovery, there will not be a recovery till the markets crash- just more debt being place on more debt, then more debt on top of that. Buoyed up by a trillion of sub prime auto debt, margin debt in the stock market, corporate DEBT housing debt, stock buy backs, real estate debt. People buying cars and trucks on time with hardly anything down, till the repo man comes to take all these cars away.

People who elect the same people over and over again, who only care about getting re-elected. That is what they work for from day one, and they don’t give  a rats ass about you.

The whole game is rigged, There has to be term limits. Till then, we have Congressmen in there for 25 years or more. When are people going to wake up?.

The education in the U.S. sucks. The wealthy do not want you to get smart, but to elect the same people over and over again. Most for 25 years straight. Politicians are put there to give you the impression that you have a choice. You don’t They do not want you, the voter, to question anything. To accept lower paying jobs and higher and higher health insurance premiums. That is what Obamacare is set up to do. You don’t believe me? Then just wait till your premiums keep going up. Maybe then you will wake up.


The Anatomy of the Destruction of this Economy

The Basic Structure of the Coming Collapse

The real problem of our financial system in the bond bubble ( repeated) In 2008, when the last crisis hit, it was $80 trillion. It has since grown to $100 trillion. The word, trillion, can be said so quickly. A trillion is 1000 billion. and who understands that amount.?

The derivatives market that uses this bond bubble as collateral is over one quadrillion  in size. One quadrillion is one thousand trillion. Can anyone comprehend the enormity of this figure.?

Many of the large multinational corporations, sovereign governments and even municipalities have used derivatives to fake earnings and hide their debt.

Corporations today are more leveraged than they were in 2007. In 2007, corporate bonds totaled $3.5 trillion and today they are 7 trillion.

But the Central Banks are now all leveraged at levels greater than or equal to where Lehman Brothers was when it imploded. The Fed is leveraged at 78 to 1. The ECB ( European Central Bank) is leveraged at 26 to 1. Lehman Brothers was 30 to 1

These Central Banks have no idea how to exit these situations

We thus are headed for a crisis that will be exponentially worse th an 2008. The global central banks have literally bet the financial system that their strategies will work. So far they have not. All that they have done is to set the stage for an even worse crisis in which countries will go bankrupt.

Frankly, the situation is clear to me: the 2008 crisis was the warm up. The next crisis will be the real crisis. The crisis in which Central Banks will fall, And I believe a crisis will hit by the end of this year or before. All bubbles are based on a massive amount of debt. You have margin debt to the sky and this over leveraged debt is being defaulted on. Emerging market debt is being defaulted on. You have to be a fool not to see this and realize what is going on. Do not trust the banks to keep your money safe. The FDIC is in no shape to guarantee your assets. Keep just enough money in the bank to pay your bills. The rest in cash at home or at least in T bills..

So the first thing that I come up with is that we live in a country that is run by idiots. The contradictions of common sense and government actions are just too many to have happened by accident or chance. But perhaps the leaders are not the real idiots. Maybe it is we, the people, who tolerate such leaders and such terrible laws recently passed are the true idiots..We are a people dumbed down. We accept laws like Obamacare, Dodd Frank,Bail In Laws of the Banks, etc.  and they are passed and backed by Republicans as well as Democrats. And it does not matter if we elect Republicans to office as they help the Democrats pass the above mentioned laws. Just look at the record of John Bonner. He helps Obama pass many of his worst bills.

Just to mention, in passing as the news breaks:

Portugal has just been downgraded to Junk status. It is near bankruptcy

Spain is near bankruptcy. Junk status

Chicago was downgraded to junk status and in addition has $2.2 billion just in delinquent fees alone. It’s total current bill comes to $20 billion and running.

However, Illinois itself has been downgraded to near junk and also owes $20 billion.

Brazil has been downgraded to junk status. It’s money, the rial, has lost 50% of its value in the past six months. The country is coming to total collapse.

Argentina is downgraded to junk status. nothing new for that country.

Venezuela has been downgraded to junk status. There are riots in the streets because of lack of all essential goods. This country has lots of oil but a socialist government.

Puerto Rico ,as you know, is bankrupt, and will not recover without a bailout from the US.

If the reader thinks that you can have all these places near total collapse without a crisis coming, think again. This I repeat: The coming collapse is going to be FAR WORSE than 2008 by many fold. Should I say again-wake up.


Hewlett  Packard  just announced another 30,000 layoffs

Barclays Bank just announced 30,000 layoffs

Caterpillar is laying off 10,000 people

Illinois has just said they will stop all health insurance payments.

Deutsche Bank  just to repeat ;will layoff  one quarter of all their employees.

All of the shale oil companies are on the road to bankruptcies. They cannot support the debt that they have issued when oil was $70 to $100 a barrel oil

This Sampson Resources just filed for bankruptcies. That is one of six fracking companies so far that have filed. for bankruptcy.



Conclusion  ( my opinion)

We live in a dream world where we no longer follow the U.S. constitution , Congress fully circumcised by Presidential edict, by a man named Barry who’s stated goal is to pull us down, to follow from behind, and who is an incompetent in every way. A man named Barry who had no experience, .whose stated goal was to make us a Third World Country, and has succeeded. Our trade has gone down the toilet. To fundamentally change our country from one that was respected to what, I don’t yet know as he has a year of further destruction left.

Can one say seven years of outright FRAUD by the Fed.

The surging dollar has now entered its so called death spiral. The U.S. dollar safe haven is not going to be that for much longer. The US dollar is really a sewer pit of TOXIC paper ( $4 trillion in the Fed alone) marred by bank fraud and bond fraud and the total market rigging. Absent industry ( 50% shipped off to China and more to come).

We have the Fascist Business model ( the merger of big business and big government), a model which wrecks everything in its place, while gutting the assets for the Elite Greedy .which now run this once great country. Interest Rate Fraud ( The manipulated LIBOR RATE), the manipulated currency markets, and the totally rigged and suppressed GOLD market by all the banks.

Credit bubbles in every sector of this economy, so much so, that I ask myself can one screw up math that bad and for so long. Can the Fed get away indefinitely with FRAUD, falsifying all data,? The reader may not see all that I am saying, but when the debacle finally hits, you will wish you were not alive. ( Yes it will be that bad)

The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it is profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, the false scenery will be taken down, the curtains will be pulled back, and then you will see and visit the brick wall with your assets.

Everything is now based on credit with the ability to finance this credit  by issuing worthless bonds  which cannot pay their interest. Liquidity is drying up as the ability to now float bonds is drying up. People holding most bonds are going to be debt is further leveraged by false collateralized debt obligations, and credit default swaps. The credit markets are the biggest bubble in the history of the world.. Most people do not understand the  huge house of cards that this economy is built on. ” Time is the best teacher-unfortunately it kills all of its students” Robert Williams

If you have no debts and $10.00 in your pocket, you have more wealth than 30% of all Americans”   Till Later

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 Remarks

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