” There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, servile men” Von Mises And this is what you presently have with Obama and the men who advise him.

My writing this letter will make no difference in what happens to this country since it reaches so few people. It’s just an old money manager spouting his views, talking in his sleep.

We currently have a government that negotiates secret trade deals,is slowly destroying our medical care system through Obamacare, which will turn out to be the very worst bill in history. A government currently destroying our military leadership, providing open borders for anyone to come to this country avoiding regular immigration, a government erasing our culture , as millions do not assimilate..

The whole situation is about the present people in power and their retaining this power at all costs. Nothing else in important to them.

“There is no need to re-invent money, since gold is money and all else is a form of credit’

William Middlejoop

” The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living” Sent to me

I often find it difficult to describe how I feel about our current President and for that fact, the entire political system.. Often, finding direct quotes of other people, can say it better than I ever could.  I do want to emphasize that when I mention the word, FRAUD, in our government,for many it is just a word. But FRAUD is so pervasive in every facet of our present government, that for most it would be hard to comprehend.

I have studied finance all my life, and taken many courses on all facets of finance, leading to two Masters Degrees in Finance. Yet I never took a course on outright FRAUD, a course on outright lying not only in finance itself, but FRAUD and lying in every facet of your Government. A government currently run by lobbyists. A government who is your master and you have become its servant. A government where federal spending has gone out of sight and especially a President who has doubled the total national debt in his 7 years of tenure.

It is not a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but a government  who attacks everything about small business, passing 13,000 new regulations. Count them. Your government desperately needs more and more taxes, higher and higher taxes, more and more regulations to expand its reach and intrusion into every facet of your life. A government of itself and for itself. You, who read this, do not matter.

Your government is now going to bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslims with no way to screen them for possible terrorists. I am against Socialism as it never works. In case you have not noticed, every Arab country is Socialist. Without a natural resource to use up, Socialism cannot support itself. Because oil has dropped so low, even socialist Norway with seven million people, has had to invade its savings to now support itself.

And this FRAUD and continuous FALSE AND MISLEADING STATEMENTS ( PROPAGANDA) BY THIS GOVERNMENT alters and or delays most of what I have studied.  I still have the faith and conviction that the TRUTH will SET YOU FREE. That is a saying over thousands of years ago. But the worst thing of all is that our media supports this government and its heretic policies.

We have the most divisive president in our history. ( my opinion)

You now have a supreme court that has a John Roberts who now rewrites the laws to obtain the passage of Obamacare. It’s called destroying the Constitution. More than a third of all the states have chosen to not participate in this healthcare fraud. I have maintained that the cost of this Obama legislation will raise the cost of your health care by a third in the year coming up. Just watch for yourself. Participants were supposed to get a $2500 reduction.

I have said in past letter after letter, there is not going to be a rise in interest rates. Not in December as the corrupt media say, not next year and not EVER, till there is change in this government and possibly not even then. Why? Because the economy is so bad, because weare dead broke

” If the practice persists of covering government deficits with the issues of notes, then the day will come without fail, sooner than later,when the monetary systems of those nations pursuing this course will break down completely. The purchasing power of the monetary unit will decline more and more, until finally it disappears completely.”” Ludwig Von Mises ( The godfather of the Austrian School of Economics)

My previous Remarks have reflected the  deep worry that some day, and soon, we will wake up , after a weekend, and listen to the announcement that our currency has been devalued by, let’s say a full 30%.. This is not a new thought, as more than fifty countries, in the past two years, have devalued in such a manner. You just wake up and much of your money is gone.

That the announcement states that all dollar denominated assets are now worth 30% less than before the weekend. The other way of doing this is to revalue gold up by 30%, as Roosevelt did. And the reason I think this way is that the dollar cannot remain the most expensive currency in the world, as it is now, without our exports being so expensive, that our economy is going to hell.

And, so far, that is exactly what is happening. I, personally, do not see how the average person survives every day living and expenses.. Food has gone up more than 20% each year for the past three years. 48% of all the people in this country are now getting some kind of welfare assistance. 36% of all people in this country have less than $1000 savings, if any savings at all. At some point, sooner than later, this country will experience a financial collapse. But I have been saying this for the past three years. It’s me crying wolf again.

The worst thing for me would be to have everything I have saved, to be devalued by 30% overnight. For you, see,if I go by past devaluations in many countries, it will not be 30%, but usually 50%. To guard against this a good part,my money resides in gold and silver, and not in any bank either. It does not matter to me what the price of gold is. It is going to be there.. In many countries in Europe, one cannot buy gold anymore,only sell it. And when you sell it, the respective government tries to tax the hell out of it. When that happens, a black market or underground develops. It did so in Israel. There is no paper currency that has outlasted gold. No currency has lasted even 75 years in its original  or worth.

If one thinks or tells me that gold brings no income, or is a relic, then why is China, Russia, India, Korea, and so many other countries trading most of their dollar reserves for gold and silver.

Why are these countries getting rid of their dollar reserves as fast as they can find gold to buy.??. That is if they can find it.

” If you do not own gold, you know neither history or economics” Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates

What I do realize is that the average guy on the street, has not waken to what is going on. The media is very good at withholding  any mention of the debacle coming, the financial collapse coming. The media is 95% totally corrupt. The utter bankruptcy of more than half of the municipalities in this country. I do not exaggerate. You just have not heard it yet. Chicago just raised their property taxes by $575 million dollars. There is no thought of cutting any welfare programs. Where does the reader think this is heading???

More than 50% of all municipalities  are BANKRUPT in this country. does anybody comprehend this. I do not talk about Detroit any more but now we have Chicago. In fact, all of Illinois. They will no longer be able to pay the pensions due. And this soon will not be just for Chicago, but all over this country. Most people firstly are not aware of how bad things are, and secondly don’t want to hear about it.  The guy on the street, the guy talking about the latest football game, is especially dumbed down. Either that or they are just plain dumb.and blind.

Your government is near imploding, bonds to crash. You see, you cannot borrow year after year without no intention of ever repaying. Just the deficit of your government is now over one trillion per year. There is no intention of ever repaying anything.. Your government can and does manipulate all the markets, as said so many times before, but they cannot manipulate the coming TREND. If one studies graphs and charts, the trend changes every 8.6 years  no matter who is in power. We no longer have a Democracy in this country. A Democracy is when the people have a DIRECT vote for someone.  A Republic is when the people vote for their Representatives and then they vote the wishes of their people back home. But, friends, we no longer have a Republic we have  what is. otherwise knows as an Oligarchy. The government of the FEW. Your representatives do not vote for what you and I want, but for what is best for the chosen few. Can’t you understand that by now????

Our representatives have almost all been bought and paid for. by lobbyists and big business. The merger of big business and the government is Fascists But even worse that all of this is a President who,  in my opinion, is a semi dictator. He subverts the US Constitution .and Congress. He has spent more money than all the other Presidents of the U.S. combined. His weekly golf expeditions run into the millions, all withheld by the media.

But in total reality, the same people who were in the Bush administration, behind the scenes, are still the same people behind the scenes now. Just the top changes and is fully controlled.There is no difference in the parties. I have said that in every letter.

These people in power, will try everything imaginable to keep Trump from getting into office  ( I am for this man).The main reason is that he cannot be bought. I do not know about Carson. While Trump may be often not politically correct, his ideas, in my opinion, are right on and very good for what is needed by this country. The media has not yet begun to go after Trump, but they will. Frankly, I do not know if it is too late for this country to claw its way back. Obama has done a very good job in bringing this country third world status. In my opinion, he is basically a destroyer

He promised to make a fundamental change in this country, and he has done so-all for the very worst.

And , when it comes to voting, there is one more caveat I want to insert here. You do not count the votes. The people in power count the votes. Does that mean that I believe there is fraud in some of the voting.? You bet I do. In the last election, A Philadelphia district had 30,000 votes for Obama and not one vote for Romney. That is a statistical impossibility. And that happened in 13 sections of this country. What I am saying is that you have to have impartial counters an supervisors managing the Presidential vote

Until we, the people, are able to take a stand, your future belongs to the madness and the corruption of the politicians. All we are doing is replacing one bad politician for another.

We had an election two years ago and elected  Republicans so the they controlled both houses of Congress. Bonner in the House and McConnel in the Senate. During those two years, virtually nothing, no program has been passed by the Republicans. To the contrary, both of these me, licked the ass of Mr Obama time and time again. Indeed, Bonner helped the President pass the Obama Health Care Act. Does anyone realize this.


Obama has mismanaged every part of this economy, and I believe this to be on purpose. Remember what I said in previous Remarks. That Obamacare is the very worst bill ever passed. Right behind this comes the Dodd Frank Bill.

Try to remember that anything the government gives to you, has to be taken from somebody else. Your government is nothing more than a redistribution machine. In addition, the people doing the distribution, enrich themselves along the way. Socialism ,Fascism, Communism, all have people at the top who enrich themselves.  To repeat myself, the total political campaign is nothing more than entertainment for the masses.

I quote

” The danger America is not Barrack Obama but the citizenry capable  of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama Presidency than to restore the common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their President. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than  Obama who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the Prince of Fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barrack IObama, who is after all merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who elected him their President.” Unquote  Vaclav Klaus Former Premier of the Czech Repuiblic

That is why the term limits must be changed for all U.S. politicians Chuck Shumer has been in Congress for 38 years., as have 40 other politicians with long serving times. They thus are all on the top committees and control all the power in Congress.

No matter how good America’s luck has been ( like being between two Oceans,plentiful natural resources,, the gigantic windfall from its victory in World War 2, the added windfall of the Soviet Collapse, our luck was bound to run out eventually. In fact, to a large extent it already has:as a purely practical; matter, it simply isn’t possible to continue running roughshod over the entire planet, as well as running roughshod over your own population.

The U.S. has less than 5% of the world’s population, half of whom are obese, a third are on drugs, and a quarter are mentally ill in some form or another. It leads the world in deaths from gun violence, police murders, and prison population. Fully half the children are born into poverty, a  third into broken or non-existent families. Over a quarter of the working age population are out of work, permanently. ( 95 million Americans) The black population is especially a mess, because of an absent father .figure.

By no stretch of the imagination, is this a country that can lead the rest of the world. In addition to all of the above, we have other key problems like inadequate industry, failing infrastructure, aglobal heroine distribution from Afghanistan ( in case you do not know this), rigged political elections, a Congress on the take, and a key role in the global Axis of Fascism.

Just to emphasize, and to repeat over and over again, the Unites States has a Fascist government that is controlled by large corporations in pursuit of more money. We are fascists now because the definition of fascism is when corporations take over the government. Our Democrats and Republicans are all bought and paid for by the corporations through their lobbyists. Incidentally, that is another item that must be changed along with term limits. No more lobbyists. Fully 75% of all people in Congress become lobbyists.when they retire. So therefore, the big corporations call all the shots. The only way to stop this Fascist Regime is to elect someone other than a Republican or a Democrat or someone new outside the government. The present two parties control the entire system. and they are now mostly corrupt. We do not really choose our President; they do, because they handpick who they are going to put before you to be the president. All you do is to vote for the two people they put before you.


QE = Quantitative Easing to infinity That means that your government must inject a continuous and unlimited money supply into the system to keep it alive. An unlimited spending of money to make up for what the average person no longer has.

A shattering of U.S. dollar integrity.: The world will go to the dollar as a last resort as mostly all other currencies will go to zero. But this will be short lived as the dollar also will be worth nothing. The Quantitative Easing ( printing of unlimited money) virtually guarantees the death of the present dollar.

Your government is now monetizing  ( buying) derivatives. That means they are trying to STAVE off a derivative collapse, buy using the Fed to buy these bad bets. But there are hundreds of trillions of these derivatives. It is really trying to stop ( delay) the inevitable collapse. The Fed balance sheet is already at $4.5 trillion dollars AND GOING TO INFINITY



The riskiest markets for the banks intent on keeping the interest rates artificially low are the precious metals. Gold has been trading at artificially low levels between  ( $1200 to $1350) . an ounce for an extended period of time. Silver remains stuck at around the $15.00 level. And there is a reason for this. It those prices ever do rise to the levels that they should be trading at, it is very likely that our economy will collapse. As far as I am concerned, our economy is going to collapse.

Depending who you talk to or whose predication you take, gold should be already trading at $5000 an ounce or much more.. So the question arises: Why do banks want to keep the precious metals prices artificially low?? As the Fed continues to print fiat money out of thin air at the rate of nearly a trillion dollars a year ( and that is just to cover the admitted deficit), the market becomes flooded with  new U.S. currency. That drives the U.S. currency down relative to commodities such as gold and silver. If the banks including the Fed ever let the value of gold rise to its normal level, the value of our currency, and of many other currencies around the globe–would plummet.

And Interest rates would likely skyrocket. Then the cost of servicing our huge debt would escalate beyond our control. and ability to pay. In order to prevent this from happening, U.S. banks, especially JP Morgan Chase sell paper contracts for gold they do not own.. As said so many times before, it is called NAKED short selling ( all illegal) and this has the effect of dampening ( driving down) the price of gold and other precious metals. so that the U.S. dollar will manage to artificially maintain its value against gold and silver.

It is market manipulation at it highest. Also ,as said before, the Fed’s activities is also at the root of what amounts to the manipulation of the stock market.

I often mention the Baltic Dry Index as your prime measure of not only this economy but the economy of the entire world. You often hear the word ,RECOVERY, in our media. Just the other day Hillary mentioned the recovery. The Baltic Index has now reached its lowest level inHISTORY. Container ships leave our ports either totally empty or 80% empty. How can I explain to the reader that collapse awaits us at some close point.??? How do I get that point across successfully.????

The employment report mentioned is about as false as you can make it. An Alice In Wonderland gimmick. There are now 300 paper ounce claims on each and every one ounce of gold that we have and probably before this whole situation blows up, there will probably be 400 claims on each ounce of gold.



There is no fixing for what is coming. A  financial and economic collapse will be a cleansing process. We have exported about 50% of our manufacturing to foreign countries because of their cheaper labor force. That will not be coming back in the near future, certainly not in the next 10 years. You just see at this moment Boeing building plants in China to bring down Union Labor costs, Nabisco moving factories to Mexico and on and on.

So ,as a result, you have now a collapsing labor market. The labor participation rate is going straight down and there are now 95 million people who are not working, who either cannot find work,  or who do not want to work because they are getting welfare from the government etc. The government, in addition, lies about there unemployment rate which is really about 23% according to John Williams, Shadow Statistics.

We thus are having a slowly declining living standard into the Third World Status, which is what Barry Hussein Obama wants.” A smaller more humble United States.” You also have Goldman Sacks and JP Morgan acting as a quasi government entity doing what they want.

Greece has to borrow just to pay the interest on their present debt which raises their debt more and more.. I say again collapse and anarchy are coming to many countries in Europe.

Then a collapse comes to the U.S. .We have in this country A MASSIVE DELLUSIONAL

SOCIETY–still asleep. Most people who have no idea what is going on and what will be taking place-and soon. Absolutely nothing has taken place ( like less spending or printing of money) to alter the present course.

The system is collapsing. This is because of DEBT gone wild and governments run by politicians who are clueless and assume that they can bully their way through this by writing thousands of new laws. We have not fixed the crisis from 2008, only papered it over with fiat money. Thus another crisis comes., only this one, I figure, will be 10 times worse.

So the GRAND DECEPTION continues. The latest jobs report was a complete joke. It does not match up with all the plethora of weak data for this month and even the months before. Reports such as falling construction spending, and retail sales, weak existing home sales, rising initial jobless claims and the ever increasing layoffs. The labor participation rate is now down to 62.1% .

So to end this letter, I hold gold and silver and will continue to do so no matter what the price. That is because of what I wrote at the top of this letter. I do not trust this Government or this Congress to solve anything. THE word is TRUST. But I do trust that gold will have value. A Tsunami of debt is growing and will eventually drown the United States by around 2020. I do  not think that most people understand that this is all monopoly

Those who are allowed to create this money can prop up anything they want forever. There is no real debt ceiling. There is only manipulation, control and lies.. The banks currently run the world.. And we are letting this debasement happen on an ever increasing level. The Fed is the real culprit, as they control the money supply.. The Fed creates DEBT and calls it money, which they then give to their fellow bankers./ corporations.. They do not use one dime of their own money. It is all nothing more than ink in a ledger book. People believe what is shown to them on TV and the Media.

A day of reckoning is coming.  Europe is falling apart and going bankrupt. Soon to come to our shores.  Till later.

Monday, November 16th, 2015 Remarks

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