” There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, servile men” Von Mises And this is what you presently have with Obama and the men who advise him.

My writing this letter will make no difference in what happens to this country since it reaches so few people. It’s just an old money manager spouting his views, talking in his sleep.

We currently have a government that negotiates secret trade deals,is slowly destroying our medical care system through Obamacare, which will turn out to be the very worst bill in history. A government currently destroying our military leadership, providing open borders for anyone to come to this country avoiding regular immigration, a government erasing our culture , as millions do not assimilate..

The whole situation is about the present people in power and their retaining this power at all costs. Nothing else in important to them.

“There is no need to re-invent money, since gold is money and all else is a form of credit’

William Middlejoop

” The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living” Sent to me

I often find it difficult to describe how I feel about our current President and for that fact, the entire political system.. Often, finding direct quotes of other people, can say it better than I ever could.  I do want to emphasize that when I mention the word, FRAUD, in our government,for many it is just a word. But FRAUD is so pervasive in every facet of our present government, that for most it would be hard to comprehend.

I have studied finance all my life, and taken many courses on all facets of finance, leading to two Masters Degrees in Finance. Yet I never took a course on outright FRAUD, a course on outright lying not only in finance itself, but FRAUD and lying in every facet of your Government. A government currently run by lobbyists. A government who is your master and you have become its servant. A government where federal spending has gone out of sight and especially a President who has doubled the total national debt in his 7 years of tenure.

It is not a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but a government  who attacks everything about small business, passing 13,000 new regulations. Count them. Your government desperately needs more and more taxes, higher and higher taxes, more and more regulations to expand its reach and intrusion into every facet of your life. A government of itself and for itself. You, who read this, do not matter.

Your government is now going to bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslims with no way to screen them for possible terrorists. I am against Socialism as it never works. In case you have not noticed, every Arab country is Socialist. Without a natural resource to use up, Socialism cannot support itself. Because oil has dropped so low, even socialist Norway with seven million people, has had to invade its savings to now support itself.

And this FRAUD and continuous FALSE AND MISLEADING STATEMENTS ( PROPAGANDA) BY THIS GOVERNMENT alters and or delays most of what I have studied.  I still have the faith and conviction that the TRUTH will SET YOU FREE. That is a saying over thousands of years ago. But the worst thing of all is that our media supports this government and its heretic policies.

We have the most divisive president in our history. ( my opinion)

You now have a supreme court that has a John Roberts who now rewrites the laws to obtain the passage of Obamacare. It’s called destroying the Constitution. More than a third of all the states have chosen to not participate in this healthcare fraud. I have maintained that the cost of this Obama legislation will raise the cost of your health care by a third in the year coming up. Just watch for yourself. Participants were supposed to get a $2500 reduction.

I have said in past letter after letter, there is not going to be a rise in interest rates. Not in December as the corrupt media say, not next year and not EVER, till there is change in this government and possibly not even then. Why? Because the economy is so bad, because weare dead broke

” If the practice persists of covering government deficits with the issues of notes, then the day will come without fail, sooner than later,when the monetary systems of those nations pursuing this course will break down completely. The purchasing power of the monetary unit will decline more and more, until finally it disappears completely.”” Ludwig Von Mises ( The godfather of the Austrian School of Economics)

My previous Remarks have reflected the  deep worry that some day, and soon, we will wake up , after a weekend, and listen to the announcement that our currency has been devalued by, let’s say a full 30%.. This is not a new thought, as more than fifty countries, in the past two years, have devalued in such a manner. You just wake up and much of your money is gone.

That the announcement states that all dollar denominated assets are now worth 30% less than before the weekend. The other way of doing this is to revalue gold up by 30%, as Roosevelt did. And the reason I think this way is that the dollar cannot remain the most expensive currency in the world, as it is now, without our exports being so expensive, that our economy is going to hell.

And, so far, that is exactly what is happening. I, personally, do not see how the average person survives every day living and expenses.. Food has gone up more than 20% each year for the past three years. 48% of all the people in this country are now getting some kind of welfare assistance. 36% of all people in this country have less than $1000 savings, if any savings at all. At some point, sooner than later, this country will experience a financial collapse. But I have been saying this for the past three years. It’s me crying wolf again.

The worst thing for me would be to have everything I have saved, to be devalued by 30% overnight. For you, see,if I go by past devaluations in many countries, it will not be 30%, but usually 50%. To guard against this a good part,my money resides in gold and silver, and not in any bank either. It does not matter to me what the price of gold is. It is going to be there.. In many countries in Europe, one cannot buy gold anymore,only sell it. And when you sell it, the respective government tries to tax the hell out of it. When that happens, a black market or underground develops. It did so in Israel. There is no paper currency that has outlasted gold. No currency has lasted even 75 years in its original  or worth.

If one thinks or tells me that gold brings no income, or is a relic, then why is China, Russia, India, Korea, and so many other countries trading most of their dollar reserves for gold and silver.

Why are these countries getting rid of their dollar reserves as fast as they can find gold to buy.??. That is if they can find it.

” If you do not own gold, you know neither history or economics” Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates

What I do realize is that the average guy on the street, has not waken to what is going on. The media is very good at withholding  any mention of the debacle coming, the financial collapse coming. The media is 95% totally corrupt. The utter bankruptcy of more than half of the municipalities in this country. I do not exaggerate. You just have not heard it yet. Chicago just raised their property taxes by $575 million dollars. There is no thought of cutting any welfare programs. Where does the reader think this is heading???

More than 50% of all municipalities  are BANKRUPT in this country. does anybody comprehend this. I do not talk about Detroit any more but now we have Chicago. In fact, all of Illinois. They will no longer be able to pay the pensions due. And this soon will not be just for Chicago, but all over this country. Most people firstly are not aware of how bad things are, and secondly don’t want to hear about it.  The guy on the street, the guy talking about the latest football game, is especially dumbed down. Either that or they are just plain dumb.and blind.

Your government is near imploding, bonds to crash. You see, you cannot borrow year after year without no intention of ever repaying. Just the deficit of your government is now over one trillion per year. There is no intention of ever repaying anything.. Your government can and does manipulate all the markets, as said so many times before, but they cannot manipulate the coming TREND. If one studies graphs and charts, the trend changes every 8.6 years  no matter who is in power. We no longer have a Democracy in this country. A Democracy is when the people have a DIRECT vote for someone.  A Republic is when the people vote for their Representatives and then they vote the wishes of their people back home. But, friends, we no longer have a Republic we have  what is. otherwise knows as an Oligarchy. The government of the FEW. Your representatives do not vote for what you and I want, but for what is best for the chosen few. Can’t you understand that by now????

Our representatives have almost all been bought and paid for. by lobbyists and big business. The merger of big business and the government is Fascists But even worse that all of this is a President who,  in my opinion, is a semi dictator. He subverts the US Constitution .and Congress. He has spent more money than all the other Presidents of the U.S. combined. His weekly golf expeditions run into the millions, all withheld by the media.

But in total reality, the same people who were in the Bush administration, behind the scenes, are still the same people behind the scenes now. Just the top changes and is fully controlled.There is no difference in the parties. I have said that in every letter.

These people in power, will try everything imaginable to keep Trump from getting into office  ( I am for this man).The main reason is that he cannot be bought. I do not know about Carson. While Trump may be often not politically correct, his ideas, in my opinion, are right on and very good for what is needed by this country. The media has not yet begun to go after Trump, but they will. Frankly, I do not know if it is too late for this country to claw its way back. Obama has done a very good job in bringing this country third world status. In my opinion, he is basically a destroyer

He promised to make a fundamental change in this country, and he has done so-all for the very worst.

And , when it comes to voting, there is one more caveat I want to insert here. You do not count the votes. The people in power count the votes. Does that mean that I believe there is fraud in some of the voting.? You bet I do. In the last election, A Philadelphia district had 30,000 votes for Obama and not one vote for Romney. That is a statistical impossibility. And that happened in 13 sections of this country. What I am saying is that you have to have impartial counters an supervisors managing the Presidential vote

Until we, the people, are able to take a stand, your future belongs to the madness and the corruption of the politicians. All we are doing is replacing one bad politician for another.

We had an election two years ago and elected  Republicans so the they controlled both houses of Congress. Bonner in the House and McConnel in the Senate. During those two years, virtually nothing, no program has been passed by the Republicans. To the contrary, both of these me, licked the ass of Mr Obama time and time again. Indeed, Bonner helped the President pass the Obama Health Care Act. Does anyone realize this.


Obama has mismanaged every part of this economy, and I believe this to be on purpose. Remember what I said in previous Remarks. That Obamacare is the very worst bill ever passed. Right behind this comes the Dodd Frank Bill.

Try to remember that anything the government gives to you, has to be taken from somebody else. Your government is nothing more than a redistribution machine. In addition, the people doing the distribution, enrich themselves along the way. Socialism ,Fascism, Communism, all have people at the top who enrich themselves.  To repeat myself, the total political campaign is nothing more than entertainment for the masses.

I quote

” The danger America is not Barrack Obama but the citizenry capable  of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama Presidency than to restore the common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their President. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than  Obama who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the Prince of Fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barrack IObama, who is after all merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who elected him their President.” Unquote  Vaclav Klaus Former Premier of the Czech Repuiblic

That is why the term limits must be changed for all U.S. politicians Chuck Shumer has been in Congress for 38 years., as have 40 other politicians with long serving times. They thus are all on the top committees and control all the power in Congress.

No matter how good America’s luck has been ( like being between two Oceans,plentiful natural resources,, the gigantic windfall from its victory in World War 2, the added windfall of the Soviet Collapse, our luck was bound to run out eventually. In fact, to a large extent it already has:as a purely practical; matter, it simply isn’t possible to continue running roughshod over the entire planet, as well as running roughshod over your own population.

The U.S. has less than 5% of the world’s population, half of whom are obese, a third are on drugs, and a quarter are mentally ill in some form or another. It leads the world in deaths from gun violence, police murders, and prison population. Fully half the children are born into poverty, a  third into broken or non-existent families. Over a quarter of the working age population are out of work, permanently. ( 95 million Americans) The black population is especially a mess, because of an absent father .figure.

By no stretch of the imagination, is this a country that can lead the rest of the world. In addition to all of the above, we have other key problems like inadequate industry, failing infrastructure, aglobal heroine distribution from Afghanistan ( in case you do not know this), rigged political elections, a Congress on the take, and a key role in the global Axis of Fascism.

Just to emphasize, and to repeat over and over again, the Unites States has a Fascist government that is controlled by large corporations in pursuit of more money. We are fascists now because the definition of fascism is when corporations take over the government. Our Democrats and Republicans are all bought and paid for by the corporations through their lobbyists. Incidentally, that is another item that must be changed along with term limits. No more lobbyists. Fully 75% of all people in Congress become lobbyists.when they retire. So therefore, the big corporations call all the shots. The only way to stop this Fascist Regime is to elect someone other than a Republican or a Democrat or someone new outside the government. The present two parties control the entire system. and they are now mostly corrupt. We do not really choose our President; they do, because they handpick who they are going to put before you to be the president. All you do is to vote for the two people they put before you.


QE = Quantitative Easing to infinity That means that your government must inject a continuous and unlimited money supply into the system to keep it alive. An unlimited spending of money to make up for what the average person no longer has.

A shattering of U.S. dollar integrity.: The world will go to the dollar as a last resort as mostly all other currencies will go to zero. But this will be short lived as the dollar also will be worth nothing. The Quantitative Easing ( printing of unlimited money) virtually guarantees the death of the present dollar.

Your government is now monetizing  ( buying) derivatives. That means they are trying to STAVE off a derivative collapse, buy using the Fed to buy these bad bets. But there are hundreds of trillions of these derivatives. It is really trying to stop ( delay) the inevitable collapse. The Fed balance sheet is already at $4.5 trillion dollars AND GOING TO INFINITY



The riskiest markets for the banks intent on keeping the interest rates artificially low are the precious metals. Gold has been trading at artificially low levels between  ( $1200 to $1350) . an ounce for an extended period of time. Silver remains stuck at around the $15.00 level. And there is a reason for this. It those prices ever do rise to the levels that they should be trading at, it is very likely that our economy will collapse. As far as I am concerned, our economy is going to collapse.

Depending who you talk to or whose predication you take, gold should be already trading at $5000 an ounce or much more.. So the question arises: Why do banks want to keep the precious metals prices artificially low?? As the Fed continues to print fiat money out of thin air at the rate of nearly a trillion dollars a year ( and that is just to cover the admitted deficit), the market becomes flooded with  new U.S. currency. That drives the U.S. currency down relative to commodities such as gold and silver. If the banks including the Fed ever let the value of gold rise to its normal level, the value of our currency, and of many other currencies around the globe–would plummet.

And Interest rates would likely skyrocket. Then the cost of servicing our huge debt would escalate beyond our control. and ability to pay. In order to prevent this from happening, U.S. banks, especially JP Morgan Chase sell paper contracts for gold they do not own.. As said so many times before, it is called NAKED short selling ( all illegal) and this has the effect of dampening ( driving down) the price of gold and other precious metals. so that the U.S. dollar will manage to artificially maintain its value against gold and silver.

It is market manipulation at it highest. Also ,as said before, the Fed’s activities is also at the root of what amounts to the manipulation of the stock market.

I often mention the Baltic Dry Index as your prime measure of not only this economy but the economy of the entire world. You often hear the word ,RECOVERY, in our media. Just the other day Hillary mentioned the recovery. The Baltic Index has now reached its lowest level inHISTORY. Container ships leave our ports either totally empty or 80% empty. How can I explain to the reader that collapse awaits us at some close point.??? How do I get that point across successfully.????

The employment report mentioned is about as false as you can make it. An Alice In Wonderland gimmick. There are now 300 paper ounce claims on each and every one ounce of gold that we have and probably before this whole situation blows up, there will probably be 400 claims on each ounce of gold.



There is no fixing for what is coming. A  financial and economic collapse will be a cleansing process. We have exported about 50% of our manufacturing to foreign countries because of their cheaper labor force. That will not be coming back in the near future, certainly not in the next 10 years. You just see at this moment Boeing building plants in China to bring down Union Labor costs, Nabisco moving factories to Mexico and on and on.

So ,as a result, you have now a collapsing labor market. The labor participation rate is going straight down and there are now 95 million people who are not working, who either cannot find work,  or who do not want to work because they are getting welfare from the government etc. The government, in addition, lies about there unemployment rate which is really about 23% according to John Williams, Shadow Statistics.

We thus are having a slowly declining living standard into the Third World Status, which is what Barry Hussein Obama wants.” A smaller more humble United States.” You also have Goldman Sacks and JP Morgan acting as a quasi government entity doing what they want.

Greece has to borrow just to pay the interest on their present debt which raises their debt more and more.. I say again collapse and anarchy are coming to many countries in Europe.

Then a collapse comes to the U.S. .We have in this country A MASSIVE DELLUSIONAL

SOCIETY–still asleep. Most people who have no idea what is going on and what will be taking place-and soon. Absolutely nothing has taken place ( like less spending or printing of money) to alter the present course.

The system is collapsing. This is because of DEBT gone wild and governments run by politicians who are clueless and assume that they can bully their way through this by writing thousands of new laws. We have not fixed the crisis from 2008, only papered it over with fiat money. Thus another crisis comes., only this one, I figure, will be 10 times worse.

So the GRAND DECEPTION continues. The latest jobs report was a complete joke. It does not match up with all the plethora of weak data for this month and even the months before. Reports such as falling construction spending, and retail sales, weak existing home sales, rising initial jobless claims and the ever increasing layoffs. The labor participation rate is now down to 62.1% .

So to end this letter, I hold gold and silver and will continue to do so no matter what the price. That is because of what I wrote at the top of this letter. I do not trust this Government or this Congress to solve anything. THE word is TRUST. But I do trust that gold will have value. A Tsunami of debt is growing and will eventually drown the United States by around 2020. I do  not think that most people understand that this is all monopoly

Those who are allowed to create this money can prop up anything they want forever. There is no real debt ceiling. There is only manipulation, control and lies.. The banks currently run the world.. And we are letting this debasement happen on an ever increasing level. The Fed is the real culprit, as they control the money supply.. The Fed creates DEBT and calls it money, which they then give to their fellow bankers./ corporations.. They do not use one dime of their own money. It is all nothing more than ink in a ledger book. People believe what is shown to them on TV and the Media.

A day of reckoning is coming.  Europe is falling apart and going bankrupt. Soon to come to our shores.  Till later.

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ROBERT”S REMARKS    September 2015



Telling it like it is

Our whole economy is propped up by FRAUD

“Central Banks ( such as our Fed) have falsified every asset value imaginable.”

David Stockman    What does it take to wake people up?

“The truth is the greatest enemy of the lie and by extension, the greatest enemy of the state.” Joseph Goebbles

I do not believe that CNBC knows how to tell the truth about anything anymore. Their propaganda about the state of the economy is so bad. The economy is being destroyed right before your eyes and most cannot see it, The fact that you cannot earn any interest on your savings is a huge game changer for most people. That interest on savings used to supplement the social security of most people. That is all gone now.

30% of all seniors now dig into their retirement pensions such as IRA’s to supplement their living standard. And this is not going to last much longer. Then people will just stop spending.

I not longer write as frequently as I used to. Why when everything is rigged? Once a central government  ( the US Fed) grabs power it always expands it till it consumers all power. Exactly what this government is doing, especially under executive order.

The MARGIN CALLS in this stock market now infect every asset class represented by this stock market. They are leveraged to such an extent that if this market drops much more ( and it is now down 2000 points from its peak) that it will trigger these margin calls. To me that equalls acoming meltdown. So many people do not see this.

There are now four indices that are down triple digits, The Dow Jones Industrial Average, The Transports, The NASDAQ and the NYSE. The Gold Stocks, and all Mining Shares have been beaten down to crazy levels. Look At Freeport McMoran, ( FCX) a 10- billion dollar company selling at $9.00 a share. As I understand it, Carl Ican has been buying this stock by the millions of shares. So has George Soros. Why not take a shot at this. Yet, this stock market looks like its going to topple.


The coming collapse will be much worse than 2008. How about 10 times as worse.

The Fed cannot lower interest rates to prop up anything.

They also cannot raise interest rates, as said so many times and also below.

They are now between a rock and a rock.

China has printed fully 20 trillion in new debt since 2007

All Central Banks have printed 60 trillion in new debt.

More than half of all immigrants in the U.S. are on welfare. And we will take in 100,000 more Syrians.

We will, at some time, turn the word” crisis” into the word “catastrophe”.


Once Greece goes down,you undermine the entire European banking system

Greece, as said in previous Remarks, is a total farce. Eventually, it will collapse. It’s a case of let the patient bleed, but don’t fix the disease. What Greece needs is a substantial reduction in debt. But instead, Greece will raise taxes till its whole economy falls off a cliff. All their lush pensions are going to e in jeopardy

The more Greece hunts down money to tax, the less economic activity will emerge.. And thus their tax revenues will decline. Something that is happening here in the U.S. All fools.


We have a Criminal Cabal that currently runs this country.

I would call the Federal Reserve a criminal organization. ( explained below)

The Federal Reserve System is nothing but a banking cartel and an illegal one at that.

It’s only purpose is to help the U.S. banking system stay afloat. I have explained the Federal Reserve before and frankly, I should bring it up in every letter. ( Read the Creature from Jekyll Island by Edward Griffin) If you look at your money, it says, Federal Reserve Notes when it should by US Treasury Notes.

This Federal Reserve is mentioned every day on CNBC as being an entity of the Federal Government. It is neither Federal, Nor a Reserve, nor an entity of the US Government. It is a foreign corporation, owned 90% by Foreigners ( 9 foreign Families) who charge the US treasury interest on the money that the Fed Prints and then loans to the US Treasury. Would you believe such a farce.?? The largest owner of the Fed is the Rothchild Family. They own perhaps 75% of this criminal institution.

Other main owners are The Pincus Warberg Family of Holland

The Morris Sief Family of Italy

Number 10 on the list is the Rockefeller Family

Under our constitution, it is the US Treasury that prints our money, not the Fed.

Why do we have to pay interest on our own money.? Two presidents tried to get rid of the Central Bank, and both were killed Abraham Lincoln and. . John F Kennedy.



What I write in these Remarks is what I feel is going to happen to our country and our economy. Some man not agree with what I have to say. Some think I have been crying wolf for too long. And that is fine with me. That is what makes a horse race. Because of government manipulation, a lot of what I think is going to happen is taking longer to come about..In my opinion, and I preface all of my remarks with this statement, we have an economy backed by FRAUD and Criminal Activity., that it will take at least a decade to recover..

“Americans, at some point, will call for a man on a white horse to save us, There are a lot of guys out there with brown horses and a bucket of whitewash.’  Jack Miller

If you do not understand the nature of the beast, then it will eat you for its dinner.

( what is coming)

You are looking at a credit collapse. And the reason this is going to happen is simply shrinking demand for goods. The Freight Rates are collapsing and the Baltic Dry Index, a measure of total world shipping has also crashed.. To repeat over and over again: The people in office have no practical experience in running anything. It is simply a waste of time on my part to explain how bad things are going to get. We are in an Oligarchy which is going to fail. Obama, in my opinion, is taking this country down to third world status. He is overloading it with DEBT, with increased taxes in every sector of government,with immigration that is overloading the capacity of this country to deal with them,. with rules and regulations that are stifling. And, he is doing this on purpose. A destruction from within.

To save what you have earned all your life, it is much better to be a year early than a day late. I know most cannot see what is coming. Both the Democrats and the Republicans sell out this country for money, supplied by lobbyists. . Bonner was just one of many. He never represented the Republican Party. He represented Obama. The largest companies want to export jobs overseas where the pay is much less and the medical is non existant.

To remind the reader, in previous Remarks, it all will be about DEBT. Suffocating DEBT and then defaulted on..

The present President has spent and printed more money than all the other Presidents combined. That has to be repeated. Thus, ” A nation cannot survive TREASON from within” Cicero. That is what I would call what the current resident of the White House is doing. If the reader thinks that this is an exaggeration, you have no idea what is really going on. My guess is that there is an 80% chance we will not get through September without a financial crisis of some sort. If not September, then through the end of this year.

“Toleration and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.”  Marcus Aurillius

The calamity that I believe is coming is not reversible. You,  the reader, and myself, are going to have to live through this before anything can get better..

The world economy is contracting, and perhaps imploding, mainly due to politicians

who are hunting for more and more money for taxes, and then, on top on this, confiscating assets because governments are going broke. Cities are going broke.  The U.S government is broke, but they can print the money to pay the bills. They can tax you more and more on all levels. They can tax pensions and retirement plans. Anything to find money. Expect this to happen.

A global economic recession looms on the horizon.

Commodity prices are crashing.

Currency markets are in huge turmoil with everyone seeing who can devalue the fastest.

Both the Canadian and Australian currencies are down substantially. Australia down 30% and Canada back to the 2004 level.

The U.S. has taken in more money in taxes than ever before, yet, since Obama has taken office, we incur $100 billion dollar budget deficits EVERY month. Out total budget deficit annually is over one trillion. That is annually. What you read in the papers about out deficit has no basis in fact. We stopped reporting our total debt 176 days ago.

The US government calls Edward Snoden a traitor for telling people that the government was illegally searching and seizing what it wanted to. It was irrelevant that he informed the people that what the government was doing was illegal. That is how corrupt our government is.

The recovery that your government and the media talks about:

“Make the lie big

Make it simple

Then keep saying it and eventually the sheep will believe it”  Hitler

Everything that comes out of Washington, the media, and the president, are easily 80% distorted. There is a much better word for distorted. That is downright lying.

When you make outright money free, as does our government, you create bubbles and that is what has happened in the bond market, in the auto market, and coming again, the housing market. God, when do people wake up. The answer is they will not wake up till it affects you own pocketbook and survival. Till someone throws cold water on you.

” Five percent of the people Think. Ten percent of the people think that they think, and the other 85% of the public would rather die than think” Thomas Edison

“The United States has become a nation of Sheep,Ruled by Wolves, and owned outright by PIGS.”  James Sinclair

There were originally three branches of government, Judicial Executive, and Legislative. There now is a fourth branch of government. The Special Interests, who use Lobbyists to buy what they want. Most everyone is bought and paid for, in one way or another. That is why there is virtually no difference between a Republican and a Democrat. No matter who you vote for. and no matter what the reader thinks. The media, at some point, will try desperately to get Trump out of the race. Watch.

Statements to Live By

Simple Truths

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.

Your media distorts the truth till I really don’t think it matters what is said anymore.

People, as said in every letter, really do not know what is going on.

I don’t believe anything that your government says. Absolutely nothing. They lie.

The one who represents the government, Mr Obama, lies the most. In looking over all of his past statements in the seven years he was president, I cannot analyze anything that was completely truthful.   Politicians, in general, do not have a conscience The main goal of a politician is to remain in office as long as he can..

Take all of the media and then believe at most 20% of what is printed or said. Most;ly blatant lies to keep the system going, An information deficient journalistic environment.

The Free market always wins. By that I mean that your government can manipulate everything and they do,; blow bubbles up to astronomical heights, but everything will bust at some point. And they always do. The debt bubble, especially, is going to blow sky high.

That means any and all bonds will be devalued.

For me, that means to get out of all long term Government bonds of any type and any country. Out of all tax free bonds except those rated Triple A. Out of all Illinois California, Kansas, Kentucky, Alaska. Nevada and many more tax free bonds Those  are just for starters.. These states have huge unfunded debts. They are having huge difficulty paying their pensions. There will be blood in the streets.

For God sakes read and study history. History shows that once an enormous debt has been incurred by a nation, there are only two way to solve it: One is to simply declare bankruptcy- that is to repudiate the debt. The other is to inflate there currency and thus to destroy the wealth of the ordinary citizen. This ordinary citizen can stop this government from doing this by buying every ounce of silver or gold coin he can.. Without the government rigged markets, gold would be much higher and it will go there anyway.

China is exiting its U.S. Treasury Bonds by the 100 billions which forces the Fed to print money to buy these bonds, which is called monetization. This word is the demon to all countries as it leads to massive inflation. When you buy back your own bonds with the printing of paper money. Almost all commodities have dropped back to their 2002 levels. That is 13 years ago. Coal, Iron, Copper, Oil. The Australian dollar is down to a 10 year low, Profits will drop across the board. The average person does not know what is happening to this country and to the economy, and I believe the media, soon, will not longer be able to hide how bad it is.

And so what I am saying, and what is coming is a crash in the stocks, and especially bonds of the energy companies, as they have issued bonds two and three years ago at high interest rates based on $75 to $100 oil. None of these debts can be carried at the present price of oil. There are a hundred companies that cannot pay the interest on their bonds because oil is below $50 a barrel.

Cannot the reader understand that the only out possible for all the nations is to issue more and more debt. Higher and higher debt till we have that one default that is going to set off a daisy chain. What is happening now in the financial markets cannot be sustained. We are propping up bubbles.. Deflation brings about hyper-inflation as the people in power try to survive. They always do this by printing money.

“Too many people spend money they have not earned

To buy things they do not want

To impress people they do not like”  Will Rogers

“It is wrong to tax a person to the breaking point, then give it to a person who is able to work but refuses to”. Sinclair. When this happens, as it has been in spades under Obama, the people taxed either move away, or develop ways to avoid these taxes. A bubble of historic proportions has developed in many areas to support our life style and those who are on the dole. If the reader thinks this will continue, you had better wake up.

Raising interest rates, as many times you see this in the media, is impossible.

A slight change in the interest rates, would affect the mountain of debt we have and will result in a conflagration. In other words, it would crash the markets.

If they do raise interest rates ( as a caveat) either a tiny raise which would mean nothing, or The Fed is loosing control.

And this not is written after the Fed did not raise rates. Which is an admission that the economy is very bad and cannot stand a raise-as said so many times.

However, in the future, there is no chance of a rate hike of any stature. Not a chance.


If you think that Greece can survive having 11 million people and now 400 billion in Euro debt , you should have your head examined.  How much bull shit can one listen to??

A bond is a form of debt. A debt can be paid off or defaulted on. People do not have the assets anymore to pay off their debts., so many bonds will be defaulted on. Thus, it is again necessary for me to say that people who own any kind of bonds, in general, will lose their shirt Your government, however, can roll over their bonds and thus blow the bubble higher till it bursts. Eventually, not too far off, the US must devalue its currency, or US goods will be so expensive that no one will buy our products. This can be accomplished by printing money or in raising the price of gold against the dollar.

” It’s strange that so many people take up crime when there are so many legal ways to be dishonest.”  Al Capone

” Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is why so few engage in it. Anyone who stops learning becomes old fast-whether 20 or 80 years old. Anyone who keeps learning, stays young.” Henry Ford.

The Federal Reserve has hyper inflated the stock market. In this market or markets, nothing is real. In time, the only place that you can go to in order to preserve what you have worked so hard for all your life, will be the precious metals. Everything is going to collapse. because of DEBT. People don’t believe me when I say this,but you can never pay off debt by adding more debt. The US and Europe never pays off its debt. It merely rolls over what is coming due and then adds more debt. The stock market has to go down before it can resume the manipulation up.

China just devalued its Yuan by 8% in three steps. But this devaluation is only the beginning foe China. They want to make their goods cheaper throughout the world. The US simply cannot stand still and let the dollar become hugely over valued. China is going to devalue its currency further. The US is  going to be caught in a vise. Watch.

Does the reader think ( to repeat myself) that  every country can devalue its currency, but the US dollar will not be devalued??  Sit down and think for yourself. The dollar would become so overvalued that our country could not sell any of its good. Thus watch for a US devaluation in some form or another.

You have been fed by the media and your politicians that there is a so called recovery.

There NEVER has been a recovery, there will not be a recovery till the markets crash- just more debt being place on more debt, then more debt on top of that. Buoyed up by a trillion of sub prime auto debt, margin debt in the stock market, corporate DEBT housing debt, stock buy backs, real estate debt. People buying cars and trucks on time with hardly anything down, till the repo man comes to take all these cars away.

People who elect the same people over and over again, who only care about getting re-elected. That is what they work for from day one, and they don’t give  a rats ass about you.

The whole game is rigged, There has to be term limits. Till then, we have Congressmen in there for 25 years or more. When are people going to wake up?.

The education in the U.S. sucks. The wealthy do not want you to get smart, but to elect the same people over and over again. Most for 25 years straight. Politicians are put there to give you the impression that you have a choice. You don’t They do not want you, the voter, to question anything. To accept lower paying jobs and higher and higher health insurance premiums. That is what Obamacare is set up to do. You don’t believe me? Then just wait till your premiums keep going up. Maybe then you will wake up.


The Anatomy of the Destruction of this Economy

The Basic Structure of the Coming Collapse

The real problem of our financial system in the bond bubble ( repeated) In 2008, when the last crisis hit, it was $80 trillion. It has since grown to $100 trillion. The word, trillion, can be said so quickly. A trillion is 1000 billion. and who understands that amount.?

The derivatives market that uses this bond bubble as collateral is over one quadrillion  in size. One quadrillion is one thousand trillion. Can anyone comprehend the enormity of this figure.?

Many of the large multinational corporations, sovereign governments and even municipalities have used derivatives to fake earnings and hide their debt.

Corporations today are more leveraged than they were in 2007. In 2007, corporate bonds totaled $3.5 trillion and today they are 7 trillion.

But the Central Banks are now all leveraged at levels greater than or equal to where Lehman Brothers was when it imploded. The Fed is leveraged at 78 to 1. The ECB ( European Central Bank) is leveraged at 26 to 1. Lehman Brothers was 30 to 1

These Central Banks have no idea how to exit these situations

We thus are headed for a crisis that will be exponentially worse th an 2008. The global central banks have literally bet the financial system that their strategies will work. So far they have not. All that they have done is to set the stage for an even worse crisis in which countries will go bankrupt.

Frankly, the situation is clear to me: the 2008 crisis was the warm up. The next crisis will be the real crisis. The crisis in which Central Banks will fall, And I believe a crisis will hit by the end of this year or before. All bubbles are based on a massive amount of debt. You have margin debt to the sky and this over leveraged debt is being defaulted on. Emerging market debt is being defaulted on. You have to be a fool not to see this and realize what is going on. Do not trust the banks to keep your money safe. The FDIC is in no shape to guarantee your assets. Keep just enough money in the bank to pay your bills. The rest in cash at home or at least in T bills..

So the first thing that I come up with is that we live in a country that is run by idiots. The contradictions of common sense and government actions are just too many to have happened by accident or chance. But perhaps the leaders are not the real idiots. Maybe it is we, the people, who tolerate such leaders and such terrible laws recently passed are the true idiots..We are a people dumbed down. We accept laws like Obamacare, Dodd Frank,Bail In Laws of the Banks, etc.  and they are passed and backed by Republicans as well as Democrats. And it does not matter if we elect Republicans to office as they help the Democrats pass the above mentioned laws. Just look at the record of John Bonner. He helps Obama pass many of his worst bills.

Just to mention, in passing as the news breaks:

Portugal has just been downgraded to Junk status. It is near bankruptcy

Spain is near bankruptcy. Junk status

Chicago was downgraded to junk status and in addition has $2.2 billion just in delinquent fees alone. It’s total current bill comes to $20 billion and running.

However, Illinois itself has been downgraded to near junk and also owes $20 billion.

Brazil has been downgraded to junk status. It’s money, the rial, has lost 50% of its value in the past six months. The country is coming to total collapse.

Argentina is downgraded to junk status. nothing new for that country.

Venezuela has been downgraded to junk status. There are riots in the streets because of lack of all essential goods. This country has lots of oil but a socialist government.

Puerto Rico ,as you know, is bankrupt, and will not recover without a bailout from the US.

If the reader thinks that you can have all these places near total collapse without a crisis coming, think again. This I repeat: The coming collapse is going to be FAR WORSE than 2008 by many fold. Should I say again-wake up.


Hewlett  Packard  just announced another 30,000 layoffs

Barclays Bank just announced 30,000 layoffs

Caterpillar is laying off 10,000 people

Illinois has just said they will stop all health insurance payments.

Deutsche Bank  just to repeat ;will layoff  one quarter of all their employees.

All of the shale oil companies are on the road to bankruptcies. They cannot support the debt that they have issued when oil was $70 to $100 a barrel oil

This Sampson Resources just filed for bankruptcies. That is one of six fracking companies so far that have filed. for bankruptcy.



Conclusion  ( my opinion)

We live in a dream world where we no longer follow the U.S. constitution , Congress fully circumcised by Presidential edict, by a man named Barry who’s stated goal is to pull us down, to follow from behind, and who is an incompetent in every way. A man named Barry who had no experience, .whose stated goal was to make us a Third World Country, and has succeeded. Our trade has gone down the toilet. To fundamentally change our country from one that was respected to what, I don’t yet know as he has a year of further destruction left.

Can one say seven years of outright FRAUD by the Fed.

The surging dollar has now entered its so called death spiral. The U.S. dollar safe haven is not going to be that for much longer. The US dollar is really a sewer pit of TOXIC paper ( $4 trillion in the Fed alone) marred by bank fraud and bond fraud and the total market rigging. Absent industry ( 50% shipped off to China and more to come).

We have the Fascist Business model ( the merger of big business and big government), a model which wrecks everything in its place, while gutting the assets for the Elite Greedy .which now run this once great country. Interest Rate Fraud ( The manipulated LIBOR RATE), the manipulated currency markets, and the totally rigged and suppressed GOLD market by all the banks.

Credit bubbles in every sector of this economy, so much so, that I ask myself can one screw up math that bad and for so long. Can the Fed get away indefinitely with FRAUD, falsifying all data,? The reader may not see all that I am saying, but when the debacle finally hits, you will wish you were not alive. ( Yes it will be that bad)

The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it is profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, the false scenery will be taken down, the curtains will be pulled back, and then you will see and visit the brick wall with your assets.

Everything is now based on credit with the ability to finance this credit  by issuing worthless bonds  which cannot pay their interest. Liquidity is drying up as the ability to now float bonds is drying up. People holding most bonds are going to be debt is further leveraged by false collateralized debt obligations, and credit default swaps. The credit markets are the biggest bubble in the history of the world.. Most people do not understand the  huge house of cards that this economy is built on. ” Time is the best teacher-unfortunately it kills all of its students” Robert Williams

If you have no debts and $10.00 in your pocket, you have more wealth than 30% of all Americans”   Till Later

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Robert’s Remarks   August , 2015


There are no long term gurus in finance. Only short term ones. Most gurus wind up on the trash heap of time. I certainly am not a guru. I merely write these Remarks to express my opinion after thirty years in managing other peoples money. In these Remarks, I mention what I am doing with my own money. You are free to do whatever you like with yours. Most people need income to live on, and to supplement their income.

But there is, for the most part, no more decent income to find, so people now go to the stock market. So far the market has been going up. Having no income on most items is done on purpose, by the Federal Reserve. They find it difficult to paythe interest on the ever increasing Federal Debt.

We are going to be going through a financial testing that none of us have ever witnessed or experienced before. If you wish to survive, you will have to live through this. By all this I mean that Financial Markets are nearing the day of shutdown. Or you can call it a meltdown. Our Treasury Bond market our Municipal Bond Markets, are some of the last asset bubbles to burst. The bank derivatives  which few understand and nothing is said about them in the media, serve as the mythical foundation to the banking system and is at huge risk of crumbling, as implosion continues in slow motion. In all Europe, the credit markets are seizing up. Banks do not want to lend.

This country has no long term strategy, and certainly no long term planing. For that reason, said before, we are going down to Third World Status.


The Obama administration and the President promised job security and job growth,when, in reality,  it is the exact opposite for those who can recall the NAFTA pact with Mexico . The Fascist structure moves forward, complete with corporate bribery, blind allegiance, and simply profound ignorance. The FAST TRACK and THE NO DEBATE ON BILLS passed by  Washington. These are the current tools used upon the still asleep sheep.

I don’t think a lot of people really do not know what I am talking about. In my opinion, Obama has succeeded in wrecking this country, for years to come.” Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”  George Carlin

The US has thee major banks that have $77 trillion dollars in derivatives each ( mostly credit default swaps) and I cannot imagine those numbers. I am asked how low can gold go before it reverses ? I do not think anyone knows that answer. My answer is,” How high can you blow up a bubble before it bursts. All bubbles burst. The bond market is the biggest bubble in history at this moment.. Chicago and now Houston are in extremely bad shape. But I cannot answer when they will default or for that matter 50 other entities.



The house of cards is falling and will continue to fall with the latter part of this year becomingvery plain to you. Greece has not been saved from the inevitable end and exit of the Euro.It will continue to run up debts, give as collateral to the bankers everything that Greece owns till they own all of Greece. That is, unless there is a revolt and Greece leaves the Euro. What the bankers do is very simple: They print money, whether the Euro or the Dollar. They then loan out this money taking something tangible as an asset ( a bridge, a road, a utility, as collateral. When payment is defaulted on, they confiscate or collect this collateral. And it is all from printed money out of thin air.

Greece cannot even pay for toilet paper Their supermarkets are empty.. It is all fiction. The media prevents you from knowing the truth. Then the debacle comes Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and eventually France and then on to Japan. And then on to Washington itself.

Greek citizens are going to suffer even more. Their economy will continue to collapse and there will be massive civil unrest. Sort of something like what will be coming to the U.S. Greece will eventually have to leave the Euro, go back to the Drachma, and then devalue its currency by 30%. Greece is merely the canary in the coal mine. Since 2008, Greece’s economy has shrunk by 25%. The smaller an economy gets, the less of a debt burden it can sustain. So Greece shrinks while it’s debt burden increases. What you are seeing is a vicious cycle that only can feed upon itself. Sheer insanity. There are many more Greece’s out there—so many that even the Euro will not survive. ( my opinion)

In the long run, the dollar in its present form will not survive. In the short run, it will be the currency to go to as Europe collapses. Socialism has never worked and never will. Bernie Sanders, who is running for President is an outright Socialist. To repeat for most people over and over again. Socialism never works.” Only till you run out of other people’s money.”

Thatcher  People will work only so long if you take ( tax) their  money and give it to people who do not work but are on the dole. In my opinion, we are very close to the start of an implosion in our society.

In mentioning the U.S., no central bank has ever printed this much money. Our deficits have never been this high. We never have kept interest rates so low for so long. We never have been inside a bubble for so long. Does anyone understand this??

All the markets have been twisted beyond belief. I am talking about the past three years.

Your Congress is not beholden to the people of this country anymore. They are beholden to other politicians and to ingrained corruption.

Banks now make loans to people and then sell the loan right away. So who cares if you make the payments or not. There are now seven federal regulatory agencies which really do not know what the other is doing.

The bottom line is that self-employed U.S. citizens are fast disappearing, along with small businesses. They have been cut in half in number since 1980 when the outsourcing took root. More than 50,000 factories have been moved to China. It will take a decade to get them back, if ever.

The combined sovereign bonds markets ( to repeat for emphasis) are the greatest bubble of all time. And it is going to bust at some early point. It’s bust will prompt the U.S. government to default, with a nasty restructure likely. That means devaluation to you. Governments are so badly in debt, that they are becoming powerless, like a ship without a rudder. I believe that we are coming very close to a complete chaos that will make 2008 look like a picnic A walk in the park as the saying goes.. Avoiding a real financial disaster by this fall will take a small miracle.

I say all this because the trades in bonds is drying up. No buyers exist in any great size.

Many entities are ready to go bankrupt, to go belly up, to default. Barclays Bank just announced 30,000 additional layoffs. That is on top of thousands of layoffs previously announced. Deutche Bank, Barclays, and BNP are all preparing for massive layoffs across their investment banking and capital market operations. Barclays is shutting down operations all over the world. These events smell like a liquidation event, not a restructuring sequence. They are a big crime center destined ( it seems) to a bigger crash than Lehman.

I would call Barclays in a death spiral.

More big bank layoffs are in store at most all major banks. They have colossal losses against a backdrop of insolvency and lost business in bond issuance and stock issuance

I want to remind all people who may read this letter what a bank bail in is.

A bank bail in. was passed under the Dodd Frank Bill. This bill is one of the worst bills ever passed. This means that any deposits that you may have at a bank, checking or savings, become the ownership of the particular bank, and can be CONFISCATED if the bank gets into trouble. You then become a creditor of the bank but you are last in line to collect anything. Before you comes bondholders, and most important  derivatives are ahead of depositors. The FDIC no longer acts as a payoff for you. In this scenario, you should keep as little cash on deposit as possible in any account. Keep you cash in your mattress as the saying goes. Is there anyone ignorant enough that they do not understand what I am saying.???????

In today’s Wall Street Journal ” Fed  Preps Careful Path For Rate Hike” Then a possible rate hike is talked about incessantly by CNBC. Understand that no rate hike is possible without imploding the system. The DEBT is simply too great and too deep. A rate hike would start the destruction of all the banks and the economy. As Sinclair says, I dare them to raise rates”  And what I am saying is that 80% of what the media prints is sheer propaganda.

Liquidity is evaporating. At some point, even government bonds will not be saleable. The only thing I would but is very short term paper. Over the next few years, I would expect government bonds to easily lose as much at 50% of their value and possibly much more. No amount of yield on any bond will save you or make up the losses on bonds. Puerto Rico is the new prime example, These bonds, if you own them, should be sold. They will wind up loosing as much as Detroit. You had better wake up. To be repeated many times. Do not buy any bonds. Next comes Chicago unless the US government prints money for them.

All the letters that I have written in the past three years have been about trying to get people to wake up. so below are a list of past points which will at some near point, come into reality.

And this reality is inevitable. It will be the collapse of the world monetary system. Sounds too hard to contemplate. Like I am crying wolf.

To repeat myself: It does not matter what the price of gold and silver are manipulated down to, as they are your only way out, if you want to transition from the coming debacle. All the prices of the metals are totally manipulated by selling what they do not have in the naked futures market. ( explained more below) But they will have major value against the paper that will be devaluated.

Pharo did not put any US bank notes or notes of any country in his tomb, he put gold to last thousands of years.

People do not understand the advantage of gold and silver when it comes to a bank printing endless money. I know gold and the precious metals are being sold short in the billions ( paper transactions) every day to force gold down. Plain and simple, Western governments do not want you, an individual, to go to precious metals. A rising gold price is very dangerous for the manipulators. This would inevitable lead to more physical demand, something that would be disastrous for the manipulators.

They want you to stick to paper dollars. Always remember that gold has been around for 6000 years and no paper currency has lasted more than 75 years in the same form. Western governments will be crashing, burning and that is when gold will shine. It has outlasted all currencies and all governments.

And I know that some managers say that you cannot spend a gold piece in a food market. I think that silver dollars might do. I think I could exchange my gold for anything I wanted to.

China, Russia, India continue to buy as much actual gold and silver as they can lay their hands on in exchange for the paper American dollars they hold. Russia just bought another huge load of gold. Are they also stupid as the media would have you believe.??

Bonds, especially long term, are in a huge bubble. ( again repeated) The market always corrects the manipulations of government. I said always. The Fed has kept interest rates at almost zero percent for 71 months. But with the default of Greece, and their bonds, we have a game changer. Bonds kept at 100 cents on the dollar have now been defaulted on. The same as Detroit, which paid 22 cents on the dollar. Chicago is not far behind .Puerto Rico has now defaulted on its $72 billion dollars of debt that it owes and soon will declare bankruptcy. Remember, once a state, or a city declares bankruptcy or insolvency, its bonds become practically worthless. 100 cents goes to 22 cents as in the bankruptcy of Detroit. More than 50% of all cities and states in America will near bankruptcy. Own no bonds–period. Wake up.

Is there another word for broke?

YES. and it is called bankruptcy. It means broke and the game ( charade) is over

The entire U.S. financial system is a charade. Debts can only be paid by printing  more and more money. If I owe you $10,000 and I cannot pay this back and the interest is $500 but I also cannot pay the interest so I borrow the $500 to pay you, nothing has been paid off, only the debt has gone up. I keep the charade going a little longer. And that is what is happening with most of the world. That is especially what the U.S. does

And  the reason not to own no bonds is the huge bubble they are in. Puerto Rico has just defaulted on all of their $72 billion in bonds.That means that no interest payments will be made on these investments. It means that the value of these bonds can no longer be carried on the books of any institution at par or 1000. There are at least five big hedge funds that are loaded with these bonds. They will trade any where from 50 to 70 cents on the dollar., if that. Later they will sink to around the value of Detroit’s bonds and Greece’s bonds which are now about 20 cents on the dollar It’s called junk investments .Puerto Rico is bankrupt. Chicago has been downgraded to junk status, one grade above bankrupt. All the people who own Chicago bonds will loose all their money. And this is going to continue with one city, one town one entity after another, especially as we pass October through December. Can the reader understand the word JUNK? Because practically 50% of all American cities are going to junk.

.People lament to me that gold has gone down, been manipulated  down, monetary value lost,but gold and silver do not go bankrupt. They always recover because they are real money, not out of some printing press. Another manager mentions that gold is not real money. If that is so, what is it the biggest reserve of every country’s Central Bank. They all own gold as their main reserves.

You can own US cash for now. Take it out of the bank and keep it somewhere at home. Keep your precious metals out of the bank. The U.S. banks are not your friend.

Do not believe anything that this government tells you.If that sounds dramatic, it is.

Everything that the wholly owned media tells you is twisted, embellished, or just outright lying. I would also say Obama is the biggest of liars. Do I again have to give you a whole list of his lies.??? The entire media is totally controlled by three large corporations, which, in turn, are controlled by powerful people behind the government.

Your Obamacare health Premiums will be going up by 20-40% in the fall. Just another lie uncovered. Remember, “Your premiums will go down by $2500″ Do you remember that one???

‘ See how you will like the new Insurance premiums See if you like a 40% rise??.. But the people let this man get away with lie after lie. The news media will carry very little of these

increases. I can’t wait till the average person pays 40% more for his health insurance. Nothing like getting a hit to your pocket book to wake somebody up.

”  If The accomplishments of the Obama administration can be summed up in three words,

those words would be, failure, scandal, treason. The president had to repeatedly lie to the people of the United States in order to pass the massive failure known as Obamacare. They have been lying to the American people and stonewalling Congress over what really happened in Benghazi for the last 18 months. They are currently lying/ and or pleading the fifth over the IRS targeting TEA party Groups. Let us not forget operation “Fast and Furious” gun running to Mexico, the NSA spying on American citizens ,illegal military actions in Libya,, the targeting of Fox Journalists, unconstitutional recess appointments, and on and on”  Various Magazines

The politicians in the government, both Democrats and Republicans alike, make believe, with the help of the media, that you have a choice. You don’t. The two candidates that you will get for the coming election, will both be picked by these powerful people way before you get to choose between them. I have said that all along. I repeat it. How many times should I repeat it. Look at Bonner kissing up to Obama at every chance he gets. He is supposed to be the leader of the  opposition party. Again, you have no choice except to be manipulated. ( my opinion)

Your rulers do not want you to be educated, because that may open up your eyes that you are being constantly being screwed. That is why you see on TV when basic questions are asked of college students, they know nothing. Most are as dumb as dirt. From a female college student,” ” Who was our first President” Ans I don’t know. Who is on the US Quarter? Ans I don’t use quarters.”

What’s Coming

A haircut in all pensions. You think I make weird statements. Just use your brains. 90% of all pensions are now underfunded, by big margins. Look up the word under-funded. Every state is underfunded. The pensions also are promulgated to earn 8% on their investments. Where is 8%. Interest rates are 0%. Thus no income returns on investments. Medicare is going to be cut and also Social Security.

Your rulers do not want you to know that you will be loosing your pensions or that all pensions will be taking a big haircut. I call them rulers because that is what is behind the facade controlling all the media and what is going on. There are three major corporations that control 96% of all the propaganda in the total media. These people do not want you to be capable of any critical thinking. Above all, you must not know what really is going on To repeat for emphasis.. More than 50% of all Pensions in the U.S. are underfunded, most by as much as 50%. All the states are now underfunding in order to meet their budgets.

At the present time, DEBT can only be sustained by issuing more debt. Your government is bankrupt and only survives by issuing more debt. More and more, never ending debt. So are most governments and city entities. Pronounce that four letter word, DEBT, over and over again. If the reader thinks paying off debt by issuing more debt can last, then there is no help for you. At some point the charade will end, as they all do. Can’t people understand this.??? The U.S. does not pay off any of their trillions of dollars of debt. They issue more debt to take its place. They cannot even pay the interest on this debt, so the U.S. borrows ( prints) money to pay the interest. And you, the reader, think this  can go on indefinitely??

But a gold coin is not a dollar bill. The charade will go on till some one says I don’t want your dollar bills, I want collateral, your land, your bridges, your highways, your ports. That is what is going on right now in Greece and even in the United States. China buys up every company and piece of land that it can get its hands on–only this is not mentioned very often in the media. The lying, cheating, stealing, is not mentioned in our fully controlled media.

China owns approximately 60% of all the buildings on Wall Street including the huge Chase Bank building. Why doesn’t someone wake up to utter screwing of the public.

The only place where a lot of truth is available is the internet and your government is moving to also control this. The more ignorant you are, the better your government likes it. The second item that must be controlled is the possession of guns. Without this control, the government cannot be a dictatorship. With Obama it is becoming close to this. ( my opinion)

To repeat: Politicians are fully responsible for the predicament that we are in and what is going to happen in this country. The term limits have to be changed to a one term for all politicians. Not 25 years for fully half the Congress. We will be going into the worst recession-depression in 100 years ( probably by 2016) You will see this start to become apparent probably by the end of 2015 starting by late October. No one with any sense, ( brains) is in charge. Major political change must come. I would call it the Tsunami of reality. Someone is going to have to eat the Greek losses on all Greek bonds since they are less than junk. But Chicago is quickly going this route. The money market interest rate

has been at 0% for now 80 straight months =insanity=pure gambling.

I have mentioned many times that one cannot pay off debt by issuing more debt. It is sheer stupidity to believe this. You only delay the inevitable, which becomes worse. The whole financial system will implode. I know I risk coming across as a “kook” . No one, no entity, can continuously spend more money than it takes in. Our debt has been frozen temporarily at $18.5 trillion. When the debt clock is started again, it will be up to $22 trillion. This President Obama, has spent in his seven years in office, fully 40% of our total debt. Can the reader understand this number.???

There is the FRAUD taking place that our debt will be repaid. It can never be repaid. It will be some point in the next several years. RE-set means to be revalued and that word means to be de-valued. People had better get their head out of the sand. Gold does not go bankrupt. You can artificially knock it down, but it never stays down.

You have the illusion of stability But-90%  of all the bailout money spent on Greece has gone to the bankers that run the EU, almost nothing to the Greek people. You have added $85 billion more that Greece owes, to the $350 billion that Greece owed but could not repay. By the end of August, you will have the same crisis all over again. The crisis of confidence in the Central Banks cannot be solved no matter what the money printing. What is approaching is the end of the Central Bank fiat money system. All manipulation eventually ends and ends badly. The manipulation of the precious metals will end by all of them going to their real value. What you have now is the desperate perpetuation of a rotten corrupt financial system. What most people do not know is that if Greece is permitted to default, Deutche Bank would immediately go bankrupt. All the banks in Europe are interconnected. Gone in a second. So wake up. It is all a dog and pony show for you, the public. The cartel will kill to keep the illusion long as it possibly can.

What has happened in Greece is that those in power, the Cartel or the Rulers as I call them, have imposed their will on the people by raw force. I call it the death of freedom of the Greek people. Soon to come here.To repeat, you cannot continue a country and its debt by paying off debt with more debt. Greece is a takeover, not a bailout.. What is in danger in Greece in the integrity of FIAT money. Gold does not go bankrupt.

Tracing Gold

I get many calls on gold , most complaining on its value and decline. Where is the bottom?

My answer would be below 1000 and possibly $940. When? Anytime between October and December. The same for silver. I think we could be looking at $12 and $14. On the plus side, I think we are looking at somewhere between $5000 and $7000. Silver 50 to $100

When.? 2016 to 2017. Your government can and will devalue the dollar, reduce what it can purchase, but they cannot devalue gold. Over the years, gold has only been revalued upward. They can manipulate the price down, but it will not stay there. It always finds its true level.

On the way down I would look for gold to fall totally out of favor. That is what is required to put a bottom in place. So when gold starts to be really panned by the press, the newspapers, try not to be fazed. Try to take it as a bottom in place. But more important, huge government propaganda to demote gold as a relic. To repeat to you again, Western Governments do not want you to own gold. They don’t want gold to play any role in their monetary system or in your money plans. Why? Because gold backing stops them cold from money printing. If stops politicians from spending money and promising everything to people who do not work. So look for incessant panning of gold and silver in the coming weeks ahead.

Already some media statements,” Gold Investor Capitulation”

Gold lowest in five years

People Flee Commodities

Gold gets Ambushed in Asia

Gold is doomed  Washington Post

Gold is not worth a Pet Rock

I have been through this many times. Gold at $100 to $200, then falling back to $100

Gold from $100 to 252 and staying there for many year

Gold from $252 to $850

Gold from $850 to $1923

Gold from $1923 to present $1100

To repeat: Only when the majority becomes bearish at the low, do we reach that precious bottom, and then it becomes time for a reversal of fortune. You then will get an initial rally out of the ashes, and no one will believe in this rally. Only when gold and silver have no friends left. And that time will come-it always does. Not easy to live through.

Who said anything was easy?

As I write this letter, $2.7 billion worth of paper gold contracts was sold in 2 minutes. That is a 30% worth of total annual gold production. And gold dropped by $50.00 All illegal to do because this gold was not available for sale. Just illegal naked short selling by the bankers to depress the price of all precious metals. Done on purpose to depress the price and depress you. Naked means that they sell something that they do not possess.

No major banker has gone to jail. All are given fines to pay with no jail time.

What is true about this current situation is that I was never taught in the graduate school of finance, how crooked politicians and financial institutions could be. How laws are passed for the common people, but the politicians totally exempt themselves. I would have to take a whole page to list these exemptions, the latest being the Congress is exempted from Obamacare, from Social Security payments,from insider trading, and on and on. They have ( 95%) to be thrown out of office.

So let it stick in your brain: No currency has outlasted gold, not even for 75 years. More than 60 countries have devalued their currency, revalued it, or theer currency disappears. That is recently.

All are altered, devalued, replaced, destroyed, exchanged, or any other adjective. etc All., no exceptions. Only gold and silver remain.

Looking at E Bonds, Treasury Bonds

A friend of mine called me up and stated” He had $100,000 in E bonds

I advised him years ago to sell them and buy gold, or silver..   His reply.  Look how far gold has declined and that his E bonds still had $100, 000 face value. I get calls like this all the time.

The worse thing one can own in a time of inflation ( always lied about) is a bond of any kind.

An E bond : As an example; You put up $18.75 and get $25.00 in 10 years.. The interest is $6.25. If your bracket is about 30%, the government takes at least $1.90 so you are left with $4.85% of a paper money that has depreciated roughly 50% in purchasing power. He wants to use these E bonds to pay a Tuition that has gone up by 100% in 10 years., and purchasing power down by 50%. After the government gets through taking its taxes, I doubt that what is left will last more than one and one half years. Tuition has been going up at the rate of 7% a year. for the last 10 years.


Supply and Demand Equation

When one studies finance in college and grad school the words supply and demand keep coming up time and again. Those two words can be applied to any commodity or item.

If the supply of an item goes up, the value goes down as there is an excess of the item.

If the demand goes down for an item or commodity, the value inevitably goes down.

This can be applied to gold or silver.

The demand for silver one ounce silver eagles has been the highest ever in the life of the US mint. In fact the mint has just shut down because there is no silver left to mint the one ounce coins. In fact the supply of silver and gold  has been going down for the past two years.

Yet the price of silver has declined in the face of huge demand. The current listed price for silver ($14.50) per ounce is amazingly $12 below the cost of mining it. Crazy.

The availability of gold has been steadily declining as gold comes onto the market, it is immediately picked up by China, India, Russia and others.

The supply has thus been going down substantially  and thus the value should go up, but just the opposite is happening. The price has been going down. The exact opposite of what is the long term norm. No supply, increased demand, and a declining price.

So what is the answer: It is the huge illegal manipulation of your government, with the backing of the media and the politicians. The government sells it nakedly short in the paper futures market. Naked means they do not have either major metal supply for delivery. They only can deliver paper dollars. Selling a year’s supply of either metal in two minutes  at midnight when there are no buyers forces down the paper price, which sets the price for actual gold. The gold and silver price is determined in the paper futures market., not the physical market. How long can this continue? Till it becomes so flagrant and outrageous that the public realizes that something is not normal.

A small amount of the public already realizes this, that is why the demand is out of sight and there is little supply.


Some interesting items.:If gold and silver is such a bad investment, why has billionaire Ray Dalio, head of the largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, bought 463,000 of shares ofSilver Wheaton Corp Stock. This company has a huge silver flow and makes enormous profit margins and has a brilliant business model. This firm does not actually own or operate any mines It acts like a financier and partner to the mining industry. Silver Wheaton fronts resource firms with cash needed to complete a new project.. In exchange the company receives  a devoted portion of mine output, once the project is fully operational.


In addition, Dalio has purchased large positions in Goldcorp, Barrick Gold, and Pan American Silver . The details of Silver Wheaton are positively amazing. This firm pays $4.14 on average per silver ounce. It can then turn around and sell each ounce for $16.00 spot silver or it can store this silver in corporate inventory. This firm is much more lucrative than the traditional mining stock. They avoid labor strikes, socialist governments, environmental changes, capital layouts like refining mills.. In 2014, this production stream produced 43.6 million ounces of silver. By 2019, this production is estimated to be 51.6 million ounces. Thus, Silver Wheaton is going to be gushing in cash flow. I can see these cash dividends rising like a shot. I sometimes wonder though, if Dalio would have been better off just buying silver outright.

What is so interesting and obvious is that the cost to mine silver, even as a by product of copper is $24 an ounce and higher. Yet the price has been forced down to $16.00.

Reuters has just acknowledged that the gold and silver price has been rigged. That the gold market, especially, has been rigged beyond belief. Why would anyone sell silver at $16, far below the cost of mining it.

The gold manipulators are going to lose this game. I think this is a certainty.. They have managed to frighten investors by substantially manipulating the price down in the last few years. The reason why manipulators are nor desperate is that physical demand has been at very high levels in the last few years, mainly because of substantial buying from Asia and in particular China

In my opinion, the market place has been destroyed by manipulation and deceit in every market. You cannot be in these markets as all legal protections are now officially gone.

All customer funds in the United States are now the legal property of PM Morgan, Goldman Sachs, or whichever mega bank is the counter party on the various loans The bail in laws are now in place, which most do not even know about.

Some things never change–there will be another crisis, and its impact will be felt in all the financial markets. The trigger to the next crisis will not be the same as the last one, but there will be another crisis.. If the present people in government get their way, there will be nothing left of our society and one great country.. These people, are incapable of reform. It is  always about them clinging to power. They know the system is collapsing and Socialism as well, and the only way to stop the collapse of the banking system is to seize all assets and eliminate cash so that there can be no bank runs. We are loosing our freedom. Till later


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The Great Con Game goes on before our eyes.

Robert’s Remarks  June 20 ,2015

The Great Con Game goes on before our eyes.

“I am not young enough to know everything”  Oscar Wilde

“In WAR, the truth is the first casualty. Since Fascism promotes permanent war, the truth never shows its face, since truth is deemed to be the enemy.’ Aeschylus

There is now very little truth in the media.

This Remarks will be divided into two parts. One is the Geo Political segment and the other is the Financial Segment. I write less often than I did a few years ago. What’s the point of analysis  when everything is manipulated, controlled, fixed by corrupt politicians. Of course these are my recent feelings. You no longer have a two party system. The republicans now control the house after the last election, but nothing has really changed. Not until the country completely cleans its house, will there be a major change. Not until there are term limits, limiting how long a politician can remain in power, will anything be improved. Corporate lobbyists control Congress. Power is based upon manipulation.

Many senators and Congressmen have been there 25 years or more.

Your president stated before taking office, that he will make a fundamental change in this country and he has  succeeded in doing just that. He is destroying and bankrupting this nation. Easy to understand. Just look at what we spend, on our budget deficits, and on the propaganda to make the average  joe think things are good.. While the can has been consistently kicked down the proverbial road, I believe that we will be experiencing a first of many Black Swans starting with a period of October to December of this year. ( Repeated from my last Remarks) At least that is what a specific chart conveys. A Black Swan, to repeat, is a surprise event taking participants totally unaware. We are very over due.

Geo Political First  ( all my opinions)

Why geo political? I am not an expert, certainly, not in this field. Firstly, because so much money, men, equipment is going into this subject. Fighting Isis. Secondly, every commentator, and all media including O’Reilly goes into the subject of Isis,( or Isil) and what is this country doing to stop them.?? And my answer is NOTHING  should be done to stop them. Is that un patriotic, or is it putting my thinking cap on?. Maybe one should understand what really is going on, what really is taking place, who is fighting who.  Maybe people, intelligent people, should stop,sit in a rocking chair, and do some historical thinking.

Firstly, who is Isis? This band of outlaws was firstly established and funded by Langley. Who is Langley?

It is merely another name for the CIA. located in Langley Virginia. Isis was originally funded to go after Assad in Syria. To kill the Syrian army. It is doing that. Isis is primarily made up of Sunni Moslems who traditionally hate Shiite Moslems.

Who are the Sunnies and the Shiite Moslems.?? They are two main branches of Islam who have been fighting and killing each other for centuries. ( back to the 13th Century) Does the reader understand this? There was recently a speaker to a Mideast conference I went to who stated,” why stop them from killing each other?” It is their right and they have been killing each other for centuries. .  There was recently a retired Israeli Intelligence chief who stated, ” Hezbollah , a faction of Iran ( Shiite) on the Israeli Lebanon border, is doing Israel a great service.” They are killing Isis members and Syrians better than Israel could” Why stop them??” They use up Iranian fighters, weaponry, money and keep Iran occupied against the Isis, instead of against Israel”  Why would anyone stop them? I agree ( my opinion). Yes, many casualties on innocent civilians.

But to quote Netenyahu,” You don’t want to mention these by product casualties.” ” The Allies bombed Dresden during the second world war as retaliation for the bombing of London. Dresden had no strategic value and produced nothing. 150,000 civilians died in one night.Nothing makes that right.

But before I go on further: Like Christianity, the Moslems divide  into literally dozens of sub groups. If you watch your TV, one cannot tell who all the players are and their reasoning behind what they do. The media carefully does not explain the difference between the two. After reading many books on this subject, if you understand who is where and why, you begin to have some sanity into what is going on.


Al Queda  Enemy of Washington

Al Quds Brigade Enemy of Washington Elite of Iran Army

Boko Haram  Enemy of Washington  ( Africa)

Hamas Enemy of Washington, Israel ( West Bank of Israel)

Islamac State  Isis Enemy of Washington

Kurds  Ally of Washington ( Primarily in Iraq, Turkey)

Syrian Tribes Enemy of Washington

Syrian Baathists  Enemy of Washington

Syrian Mujahedeen Enemy of Washington

Taliban ( Afghanistan) Enemy of Washington

Yemeni gvt  Enemy of Washington

Saudi Tribes Ally of Washington



Iranians ( Persia) Enemy of Washington)

Hezbollah ( Primarily on Border of Lebanon with Israel) Enemy of Washington, Israel)

Houthis ( Primarily in Yemen)

Iraqi Shiite Militias ( ally of Washington)

Mostly the whole Moslem world, with the exception of Iran, part of Iraq, and part of Syria isSunni

45% of Iraq is Sunni. The US left Iraq in charge of Al Malaki, a Shite controlled by Iran, where Iraq is 65% Sunni. He promptly fired all the Sunni Generals in the army, thus undermining the Iraq army. The Sunni’s will not fight for the Shiites as one hates the other. You have to understand this.  You cannot train a Sunni in Iraq to fight Sunnis. The only solution for Iraq is partition into three separate states, Kurd, Sunni, Shiite. Nothing else will succeed. The U.S. is up to their eye balls in the Sunni Shiite conflict.

The US supports Shiite in Iraq and in Yemen supports the Saudi ( Sunni)i against the Houthis who are Shiites. Thus the U.S is supporting both sides of the equation.

The true tactic of Obama is  letting Isis ( which is Sunni) beat up Iran and Hezbollah ( Shiite)  and mostly stay out of it. How do I feel I know this.?    When Ramadi fell to Isis, they had a victory parade of cars,( Isis) trucks, etc which was seven miles long flying their black flag.. Not a single US airplane attacked this column, where the whole of ISis was laid out. The whole column could have been destroyed by two Warthogs, a heavily armed U.S. airplane.

The US flies a few air sorties a day for show only.. They could fly a thousand a day. So the policy is to have Iran and Hezbollah use up its best soldiers and assets fighting Isis. The Al Quds Brigade ( Iran) is in Iraq and loosing thousands.And this is fine with me. Isis is brutal, and when they take over a place, they kill all the Shiites they can find. The US is content not to solve the problem but to kick the can down the road, as usual. So in this case, Obama is doing the right thing. ( my opinion) The U.S. is not going to solve the Sunni Shiite mess. Never in a million years. To me, it is a sign of empires that are on the way out-as ours is. You can see this financially., as described below.

The U.S. repeated many times in past Remarks, is an Empire in collapse. Empires tend to get into wars they cannot win or really do not want to win.. Trying to control others, these empires past and present pour ever larger amounts of money into crusades that yield little or nothing. To me, it is crazy. stop talking about” Enduring Freedom” which is the term used for oir intervention into all phases of the Middle East Conflict.

Right now, all the talk is about Isis, but there are lots of ethnic and religious groups which are being talked about. The Houthis, the Kurds, the Chechens, the Pashtuns and they all have one thing in common. They want their own countries. Why is it any of Washington’s business.who gets a country and who does not??. After all, if Washington can have a Declaration of Independence, why can’t others?????

The answer is fairly simple to me, but no one discusses it. In our efforts to run the world ( I am talking about the U.S.)  our government has spent 70 years forming friendships and alliances with literally hundreds of ethnic and religious groups and governments. Thus, when you become a friend of one party, you automatically become an enemy of all his enemies. A single alliance can cause dozens of conflicts


And we make pacts with many dictatorships. Thus, in my opinion, America will not have peace until we persuade Washington to become neutral. That is what Rand Paul wants. This government of ours is so addicted to power that our officials are like the Romans; they cannot imagine a part of the world where they have no right to meddle. The foolhardiness in Washington never stops. For me, it is a wonder to behold. It is like Braer Rabbit in the Tar pit story. We frequently call our actions “one to democratize the world.” We sell all of the American battles as the desire to free the world of Tyrants. As battles for Democracy when they were actually all in support of dictators. You are fed total nonsense by the fully controlled media.

Look at the soccer scandal. They indicted six officials, none of whom are US citizens. Maybe they are taking bribes, but to repeat, none of these people are Americans. We stick our nose in everything all over the world. If this is the case, then I would recommend that you buy stock in the firms that “own” the most congressmen.” And I certainly would own all the companies that produce our weapons. The troops that use our weapons, do not buy them, politicians buy them. To repeat to anyone, 98% of our politicians are bought and paid for by political contributions.

I hear constantly about an agreement between the U.S. and Iran regarding nuclear weapons. But I ask myself, what could possibly be the value of an agreement between twoprofessional liars????


So I certainly would buy General Dynamics ( GD), Raytheon  ( RTN), Northrop Grumman (NOC) and Lockheed Martin ( LMT) We are going to have wars indefinitely. When things get bad, we go to WAR.

Until Washington departs the Middle East ( especially) I would be looking for more attacks on Malls, Churches, schools and other crowded areas.

Just as an aside: The Vietnam War is now a thing of the past. We got into this war after the French were defeated. It was under a ruse that our ship was attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin. ( Johnson was president) The story was to stop Communism ..

We lost 58,000 of our best soldiers, and countless more wounded. Trillions were spent. Can anyone tell me anything that we accomplished in this war.???? There were many inside people and large War contractors that made big money. But what did we accomplish except to spend out country’s precious wealth. We have a black wall with 58,000 names. on it. We now are doing the same thing in the Middle East. ( my opinion)

The Financial Side of things

AM I to be BELIEVED??  ( Various Comments)

“Money corrupts all”  Karl Marx

We thus have the best Democracy that money can buy  Robert

Everything becomes a commodity that is bought and sold for money. To repeat, all wars are basically fought about economics ( money)

But money velocity is at a 4 year low. People either do not have the money to spend, or the banks are hoarding it because they are so overleveraged.

This government and many others throughout the world cannot meet their expenses any more. Thus a pension crisis is massing and is on its way, whether this year in the next few to come. Government thus will in the near future, not honor any of its promises and will in time, turn against its people. It does not matter to me whether the reader is a Democrat or a Republican, a Progressive or a Tea Party member, our government, is fully controlled by people behind the scenes. ( my opinion) You witness, in each Presidential election, a dog and pony show for your benefit. Money talks, lots of it.

We have put in power,incompetent leadership in practically every phase of our government. We are a super power ruled by incompetants. . We have a government that controls virtually every facet of finance. You have four bubbles right now. A stock market bubble, a bond bubble, a currency bubble, a housing bubble.. As you know, all bubbles eventually bust. But bubbles can be blown up to amazing levels. Everything is rigged. But bust they will, and when they do, the collapse will be world wide and something we have never seen before. Your key is the bond market collapse coming and rising interest rates, in spite of everything that Central Banks try to do. Another key is the Greek conflict.

All stock prices are rigged. They are controlled by the “Plunge Protection Team”

All bond prices are rigged.

The gold and silver markets are rigged.

The Forex Market ( interest rates) have been rigged ( Just now being prosecuted. No one has gone to jail for this amazing total rigging. I am talking about the Libor Rate

The CFTC is rigged  Commodities Futures Trading Commission ( A total Fraud government Agency)

Every single asset class is totally distorted. Their prices bear no reality to what the values should be.

Paper money now flees into assets that will retain their purchasing power. Silver, gold, paintings real estate.

The greatest statistical lie is the Employment Index

Our nation is helplessly and hopelessly  in a recession. The manufacturing index has been down seven out of the last eight months.

All our markets are 100%, 24 hour, total manipulation and lies.

We now have had six straight months of declining GDP

Whenever the stock market goes down much below 18,000, the Plunge Protection Team jacks it back up to 18,000.

Whenever gold goes much beyond $1200 an ounce, the Plunge Protection team sells naked gold shorts to drive the price down.

So what can be next in the financial markets. My guess is that we will have a series of financial panics ( many Black Swans) perhaps every few months. But this PPT will make sure that these crisis are V shaped- short. They will continue to do this until it no longer works. Then I also guess that all hell will break loose in some form and I do not have a clear picture of what hell looks like. My point would be that everyone who has an IQ above a toad or a congressman, knows that this economy is seriously damaged by political manipulation and confidence will not be restored until these rotten teeth ( politicians) are pulled. Yes it is that bad now.

At some point in time, we are going to have a Reversal of all of the above. What people need to stay alive will not be available. A Black Swan event will surely come. More unemployment will come, higher gas prices if there is the slightest war signs, Since 2007, the total world debt increased by $57 trillion. All of Europe is now in a depression. Europe is going broke. The Federal Reserve is printing money as fast as it can to combat deflation.

What is so surprising to me is that most are strangely ignorant of what must surely come.

The Federal Reserve has done so much damage to America, that after seven years of economic malaise, lots of cities remain in deep financial trouble, and they have cut security by as much as 50%. Many small towns have closed their police departments  altogether and now rely solely on the state police or other outside protection. It is not unusual for the police response to a 911 call to take an hour or more, and the criminals certainly know this.

Thus I can safely predict a substantial rise if crimes across this country.

It may be hard for the reader to believe, but close to 50% of all cities, towns, states are near insolvency. But again, most people do not realize this.


There are Five Banks that have been fined for all this rigging a total of $105 billion

JP Morgan, CitiGroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sacks. HSBC Bank. The bank is fined but no one goes to Jail because the Bankers run this country. We are no longer a Democracy. All Central Banks are controlled .All politicians are controlled. All media except the Internet is controlled. The NEWS media is really bad.

In thirty years of managing money ( finance) I find that most people at first ignore you, then the laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. It is like that because of public ignorance. Most of the comments I get are that nothing has happened yet and I am crying wolf. That I also have been crying wolf for the past three years. And yet, in my lifetime, I have never seen a NEGATIVE interest rate on a bond sold to the public. Until now. But who would be dumb enough to buy a bond that pays you nothing and also charges you for owning it.?

Most politicians are lawyers and most lawyers simply do not know how our economic system functions.

70% of our national accumulated debt is interest on this debt. And that is why any raise in interest rates will destroy this economy. Because of continually rising taxes, the average businessman cannot develop or survive. Washington must continuously raise taxes because they keep giving away benefits way beyond what can be afforded..

The present stage of this game is capital preservation. That is PRIMARY in my mind. Try to preserve what you have and the purchasing power of what you have. The government is going to firstly go after your pensions, , then wipe them out by keeping interest rates low or nothing so pensions cannot earn anything. Or they will substitute US Treasuries at 2% for whatever you have in your retirement plan. All this is coming.


The average person cannot see what is taking place. It will be his bankruptcy. We now consume VASTLY more than we produce. The eventual by product must be higher prices to come, especially for food. With this, must also come a revaluation of the dollar.. But again, people simply do not see this. It is really not about certain prices going up, it is about the purchasing power of your dollar going down.

When the government bubble pops and pensions also get wiped out, and when government is broke it is the people they will come after to bail them out. A revolution comes against a fictional Democracy. But for now, the band plays on.

I love using quotes to get a theme across

” Truth is treason in an Empire of lies”George Orwell

(You are being lied to every day)

“No man is a good enough memory to be a successful liar” Abraham Lincoln

You see this especially in our current President who has lied so often that he forgets what he first said the month before.

” Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses” Plato

” A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves” Bertrand de Jouvenel

( are you part of those poor sheep)?

” You do not have to wait a single moment to improve the world”  Anne Frank

” The person who says that it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person who is doing it” Chinese Proverb

” Strive not to be a success but to be of value”  Einstein

” You can’t solve current problems with current thinking” Einstein

Above all, you cannot pay off debt by creating new debt. That is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme .The Ponzi scheme that we are playing in this country is a thousand times worse than Madoff.

For me, it has been clear for a long time that the people who are in government ( known as Politicians), especially the upper crust of our Federal government are by and large a group ofthieves . There is a certain point ( comes a time) where you actually deserve what you get. You will reap what you have sown. People turn their life over to these frauds which makes no sense to me at all. These people are not right  and for the most part they are not good people. ( both parties) These politicians do not have the best interest of the people that they are allegedly representing. They are in government to personally enrich themselves and to satisfy their personal lust. The people of this country have voluntarily cooperated in this. Unless we vote term limits,  you are going to deserve what you get.


The Euro is an absolute basket case and it is doomed. I can not project a time–too hard. The Euro has to be totally restructured. The major flaw was to let all the members keep their own treasury and issure their own bonds or debt.. All the bonds of all the members cannot be worth the same unless they are issued by one entity representing all of them. All the members have bonds in their reserves of all the member countries and when one goes broke ( ie Greece) that will start a daisy chain of cascading defaults in all the members balance sheets. In other words, all the debts of Europe should have been consolidated under one entity. Too late now.

The Enigma that is Greece

Greece will be the first to go broke ( it already is), with the ECB desperately trying to keep this country alive. It is going to fail. The most recent bailout was for the IMF International Monetary Fund to give money to Greece ,which in turn, gave it back right away to pay off some of its debt. More smoke and mirrors. But this cannot be kept up indefinitely. In June, Greece owes part of $350 billion. It will be interesting to see how they get this amount. Why does the ECB just print the money and give it to Greece.??? Greece is borrowing money to pay off a debt that was also borrowed. Thus nothing ever gets paid off. A guess of mine is that the latest debt of Greece will be paid by printing money and giving it to them, but in July, August, October, billions more come due. Then what??. Greece has gone broke five times before.

People Just  Do not Understand How Critical Greece Is

To sum up the situation in Greece: A Greek default or even a sizeable debt forgiveness would result in the Greek bond yield soaring, but even worse it would open the door to the great unknown. Never in history has such a large debt bubble been pricked and busted.. Nobody really knows what might happen, except a tremendous loss of asset value around the Western world would occur, which would be a catastrophe. But in reality, it has all but happened already. The game has just to play out. A Greek default would cause a panic, signaling that no location is really safe.. as contagion ( bank defaults) would spread to the Southern European nations very quickly You see, so many countries own Greek bonds carried at face value when they are really worthless. Money must be given to Greece at any cost to prop it up.

Thus the PIG nations ( including Ireland) would be devastated , followed by the Germans London, and the French Banks. Vast accounts of private ownership of assets would simply vanish. The Western Ponzi scheme( and that is what it is) would be exposed and eradicated.. The system would be faced with the greatest interest rate derivatives crisis that has ever occurred. Money must be given to Greece at any cost to prop it up. Repeated

If a nation like Greece is actually allowed to default ( unthinkable) after such great lengths to prop it up, the entire sovereign bond market  will enter panic. ( Does the reader comprehend this?? I think not.. An ensuing panic would surely extend to London and New York Banks, then to the U.S. Treasury Bond market. The Greek government is FLAT BROKE and can only pay its bond service ( interest due) with money handed to it by the EU ( European Union) and the IMF ( International Monetary Fund) which also means the German Banks or the ECB ( European Central Bank ) gifts.

You , the public, are treated to a never ending series of deadlines for Greek payments, and a red line for sacred untouchable Greek assets or items.. Meanwhile, the gutting of Greek assets continues apace. But the bigger story is the consequences for the rest of Europe, if the Greeks default. A Greek failure would alert all bond investors that their money in not truly safe anywhere in Europe. In addition, the bond yields would start spiking for all Southern European debt. ( Spain, Portugal, Italy, and even France.) in a manner much worse than 2010.

A flight to quality. It is the same circumstances that appeared at the beginning of 2008. The problem is that the circumstances are ten times worse than in 2008. Big money is getting out of long term bonds and into the very short term ones. A severe crisis in the U.S. government is but a short way down the road. Many states and cities are going to go broke and then bankrupt. Chicago was just downgraded to junk status.

Government has no solution for the unemployed youth of this country. The senior citizens, those who have any savings, cannot earn anything on these savings to supplement their income. So they can only work longer to help themselves. This, in turn, keeps many jobs from the youth who graduate.. Government can only raise taxes over and over again, banks can only charge negative interest, and the income of the elderly will slowly be wiped out. The greatest money printing of all time will eventually overtake the deflation that is in some sectors of the economy.  Do not count on your pensions being the same. If Chicago is now junk status, just where does the reader think its pensions are going??

Do not talk about inflation or deflation, instead talk about purchasing power of your money. It is disappearing.

” People are really  not against you, they are for themselves” Socrates.

People are so ignorant of what is going on, and what surely must soon take place, that I am tired of crying wolf. So I write less often now, because my message is the same.

1- Get out of all of your bonds and that includes US Treasuries ( except very short term)

All Euro Bonds, all Japanese Bonds  The debt will never be paid back, will be devalued or defaulted on.

It’s all a dog and pony show for you, the public. Especially MSNBC

The world’s central banks are no longer in control of the markets, although they still want to give that impression. You poor huddled masses who do not know or realize what is going on.

You now read about some bankers recommending a ” cash less” society.” Why? Because then there cannot be a bank run., which is very likely to happen when ( not if) a panic sets in.



Stay away from all bonds and move money to very short term Treasuries.

No long term Treasuries. No long term any bond because the money is simply not there.

At least 40-50% of your money in precious metals no matter what the price is now or later

and take delivery. Gold and silver, although heavily manipulated and suppressed, have been around for six thousand years. No paper currency has ever lasted more than 75 years, before being devalued or outright disappearing.

At some point we are going to have a revaluation of the US dollar.

Cash at home and very little in your bank or savings account.

That is because of the new “bail; in” provisions

You cannot rely on the FDIC any more.

Your deposits of all kinds are now the property of your bank.

If your bank gets into any kind of trouble, they have the right now to confiscate your money to pay their bills.

At some point, mostly after the summer, we are going to have Black Swans

of many types including a default of Greece, Bankruptcies etc.

I have been crying wolf for the past three years and I am still crying wolf.

Nothing has changed but the lying and balloons have been getting bigger and bigger.

Greece should have left the Euro long ago, similar to Iceland

They must go back to the Drachma and start all over again.

When it comes to money and payoffs, there is no difference in both parties.

Till later


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The Piling up of DEBT and the endless money printing

If one thinks that prosperity can be created out of thin air by a central bank ( the Fed), the reader is mistaken. For the last three years, my basic conclusion is that our money is going to be destroyed. Another basic conclusion has been and still is that most Americans have absolutely  no clue as to what is going on. If they did, they all would be trying to protect what they had by accumulating precious metals, no matter what they beat the price down to, no matter what the ignorant media says.

I always like to talk about reality. Especially about financial reality.

The reality is, in my opinion, that there is no way out of our ultimate demise financially as long as Obama is in the White House. In my opinion, his goal is to bring this country down, through over spending, over immigration, over taxing, and over regulations.  That is his goal and my proof is in the pudding. What he has done already.

These are historic times, and I believe the fate of FIAT MONEY will soon face reality.

I try to bring out the fact that no FIAT money has ever survived. There are so many cases that I could give the reader of this fact. From the so called “greenbacks” of the U.S.  Civil War to the present, the history of all FIAT currency has been the same.

During this civil war, starting in the 1700’s the South issued its own currency called The Continental which led to the expression, ” Not worth a Continental” So many paper currencies of so many countries have been exchanged or devalued or revalued that it would take an entire page to list them. On the other hand, silver and gold have retained their purchasing power for 6000 years. Currency , which retains its purchasing power by FIAT, has always faced the same fate and eventually becomes worthless.

When I mention the words financial and economic collapse, I can always get answers like,” your government always has found ways to avoid or postpone the inevitable” Or, ” you have been talking about a currency crisis for at least three years now, and it has not happened”.

And these comments are right. What I see coming, has not happened yet.

I have always believed that the more knowledge one has, the better off you will be to handle the coming financial collapse. And there will  be one, because no country is immune to the basic laws of economics and finance. You can kick the can down the road just so many times. You can lie to the public just so many times.

When I went to NYU graduate school of finance ( Stern College) there was no such thing as the PPT. The Plunge Protection Team, the selling of precious metals nakedly short, The Federal Reserve buying up all the US Treasuries, the printing of trillions of dollars in a short time span.,the goosing of the stock market by buying up stock futures,the almost total control of the media so that mostly everyone does not have any idea what is taking place, and so on. The application of QE1,2,3,4 which is the printing of money to raise stock prices., a form of government survival. The bringing of interest rates down to practically zero. None of these items have worked because your government and also that of most other countries, have got to keep resorting to more QE’s. QE 5 will be coming out soon.

The outright corruption in everything financial and that is not an exaggeration. Outside of the precious  metals as a store of value,there is nothing safe or sacrosanct anymore. And even the metals are shackled illegally. Practically everyone in Washington is on the take at some time or another, and that also is not an exaggeration. Slowly, nothing will be private anymore. But I have not been wrong for these past three years. Only a bit early. The financial collapse will come to pass, because it always has. To repeat:. Economic mother nature will not be altered.

To repeat to you, the reader, over and over again. The people in power in this country must go after the Internet and they must confiscate the guns. The media is about 90% controlled now. This is easily provable because the same stories, or falsehoods are repeated in practically all the newspapers and TV across the nation every day. One can look at the LA Times and the NY Times, and the stories ( nationally) are the same. The opinions are the same. It is easy to put fourth a lie, if all the media carries the same lie.

However, little by little, you are watching the collapse of government and the entire socialist agenda. Governments are incapable of managing the economy because the are inherently corrupt and they cannot ( do not) function for the benefit of the people. This is especially true when it comes to funding their life style vs that of the people.. I could give you a whole page of examples, but just a few. Congress is exempt from the latest health care law, the Social Security law, and gets all kinds of retirements benefits, and raises each and every year are passed, quietly. But this is not something new. It I want to be honest just look at history and the Public vs the Private battle has waged since the fist King was proclaimed. In our case, we do not have a king, but the new makings of a semi dictator. One who intentionally circumvents Congress.

“It is easier to fool all of the people than to convince them they all have been fooled”

Mark Twain  You, dear reader, are being fooled on a regular basis, day in and day out.

I do not regret growing older ( 81 now), it is a privilege denied to many.

Our deficits, our spending, our total welfare are now 50% of everyone living in this country,and is growing faster than our economy and our ability to repay this debt. In order to keep paying those that are on the dole, your government must constantly increase taxes and regulations. That, in turn, means a strangulation of small business which employs 70% of all wage earners. That, in turn, means an eventual collapse of this economy.

FACTOIDS: American dollars are worth 80% less than when Nixon first closed the gold window and took the U.S. currency off the gold standard in 1971. Since this date gold has increased in value over 3000%. Even with them knocking it down from $1900 artifically.

The printing of money has increased by 2000%..

If one invested in bonds since 1971, their inflation adjusted profit value has gone down by a full 50%. Bonds now are the biggest bubble in history. Several countries ( Switzerland) and entities just issued some bonds with a minus interest rate. I have never heard of something so outright stupid. One could deduce that people want the return of their principal. and do not care about the interest. If that is the case, then buy a gold or silver coin, not a piece of paper from any government that could disappear. The Swiss government just lost 40% ( so far) of their entire GDP in one day-in one hour, by removing the peg to the Euro. So I should buy a paper bond from them with a minus interest rate.???? Should I have my head examined.

Stupid is as stupid does”. I never argue with stupid people, or stupid remarks.  Being stupid will drag you down to their level and beat you down with their experience.” Mark Twain

The Russel 2000 now has a PE (Price earnings ratio) of 90 ( past averages have been a PE of 10 to 15)

The NASDAQ  had a  PE of 150 in 2000. Subsequently, this NASDAQ fell by 80%.

In the past three Remarks, I have indicated that this President, this Congress, this Government lies to you, the public on a steady continuing basis. And I have filled pages listing the lies that are told, or promises never fulfilled. Now the head of Iran, the Ayatollah comes out and states before a huge rally that ” our president Obama, and our Secretary of State, Kerry, are outright liars”. They tell Iran and promise Iran one thing, but relate lies to the American public as to what is agreed upon in their nuclear negotiations.  And that has been the SOP, standard operating procedure for this administration and much of the George Bush administration.

When was the last time you hear a head of a country calling an American president a liar.?

How low have we sunk.

Where is our country right now?

“We currently reward the lazy and call it welfare. The biggest welfare system this country have ever had under any President.

We neglect the discipline of our children and we call it building self esteem.

We abuse power especially this President, and then call it politics.

We consistently ridicule the  time honored values of our founding fathers and call it enlightenment.

Can we ever be called again “One Nation Under God”  ( Paraphrased from speech by Billy Graham)

Politicians and diapers need to be changed, often for the same reason.

This government has printed more money in the last two years than in all the previous years combined. Can anyone comprehend this statement?

There is no recovery and there will be no recovery for some time to come. Only the economy going down. What is so hard to  figure out about this statement? If I tell the reader in the last three Remarks that there is no recovery, has been no recovery, and will be no recovery as long as Obama is in power, what is so hard to understand??

1/2 of all U.S. citizens receive entitlements It is all buy impossible to cut these entitlements, or you will have riots in every city. Thus, the only way to raise money for your government is to raise taxes or more money printing.

The more aggressive that your government becomes, the more rules and stifling regulations, the steeper will be our economic fall. Obama is focused on raising taxes as high as he can. Cant’ the reader understand this???

A hand full of Sociopath’s ( I call them that) control our collective fate and each decision that comes down. The President is currently surrounded by people who cannot think their way out of a paper bag. Who also cannot formulate any coherent foreign or even domestic policy. Most are people out of University process who are incompetents in business.

To repeat this to the reader in another way, there is not a chance of any horrifying trends reversing themselves. Especially not while this current president is in charge. ( my opinion)

The longer a politician is in office, the more corrupt he becomes. This is a generality. There are a few decent politicians, but the longer they stay in power, they are gotten to by the lobbyists and bribed. Politicians are not in office to protect you ( or society) but they are there to simply acquire more for themselves.

Kids go to college which may cost them between $40-50,000 for a piece of paper. The result is 65% of these graduates end up working in a field they never studied, if they can get a job at all. Obama’s job reports,the greatest piece of manipulated lying that I have ever seen,eliminated all the oil field workers that are now being laid off .I have seen lying by many presidents, but with every speech, with every utterance, he lies.

We will be approaching the end of socialism and it is not going to be pretty. Politicians have literally screwed the youth with student loan debt that they have made non-dischargeable to help the bankers, followed by lowered interest rates, to “stimulate the economy which has only lowered their own cost of funding. The youth are burdened with huge debts  paying 7% on average, making bankers rich, yet this group has been living with their parents well into their 30’s for the most ppart. This debt will prevent the youth from becoming home owners. Becoming a lawyer or a doctor is no longer a top career prospect. By the time they graduate and enter the workforce with a low base salary, their prospects of becoming rich as they once expected look grim.

Student loans are the greatest crisis we will see in the years ahead.. The kids are fed bullshit about getting degrees, yet, to repeat, a full 65% cannot find jobs in the field they studied in school. Most of these students voted for Obama. What a pity.

For the elderly, home ownership means nothing more then rising real estate taxes. Society is being pushed to the extreme and there will be no hope without major economic reform/ ..

Little by little, we are watching the collapse of government and the entire Socialist agenda. Why? Because governments are incapable of managing the economy because they are inherently corrupt and thus they cannot function for the benefit of the people., especially when it always becomes a question between funding their lifestyle vs that of the people.

OBAMA  ” He is anti American, pro Islam, pro Iranian, pro Muslim Brotherhood”

This is a direct quote from Retired Admiral, James Lynn said on national TV.

HE IS A MUSLIM and has admitted so before the United Nations. ( See U Tube on his address to U.N.)   All of his records have been sealed since day one. No other President has had that benefit. I said all of his records.


THE SEVERITY OF WHAT IS TAKING PLACE??? We are going down for the count.

I do not know exactly when, but as some point, even the dumbest person is going to realize this.

The systematic wipe out of our pension funds and the elderly. You who read this make no mistake about what is taking place. Zero interest rates and soon even negative interest rates do not allow Pensions to earn any kind of a decent return to fund themselves. . No interest at all in any kind of a savings in a bank also does not allow the elderly to earn anything on their savings. The reader soon will begin to realize this which will probably affect everyone except the 1% very wealthy.

When the media talks about Quantitative Easing  or when you see a headline in the Wall Street Journal,” Europe Central Bank bets big on a stimulus”, all it means is that they are printing money to survive. That they pay past bills with the printing of money. There is no longer any other way out. At some point, there will be a “new basket of currencies” as backing for some for of a new exchange mechanism. To do this, GOLD MUST BE REVALUED to perhaps $5000 an ounce. ( That is my opinion)

That all currencies are becoming more and more worthless because of the endless printing of money. Thus it is easy for me to state that all currencies including the strong US dollar are going to become worthless, and not in the too distant future. The U.S. debt, under President Obama is increasing at the rater of 7% per year.

We are currently spending more than 1.5 trillion per year over the money that your government takes in. The budget deficit is totally now on Mars.

Sure, any country can keep on spending and running up its debt, but at some point, other countries will not accept that currency as payment for debts. They will demand something more tangible. I cannot tell you exactly when that will happen, but not in the too distant future.

That is why anyone must own gold and silver or platinum no matter what they ( your government) knocks the price down to. It’s all a manipulation to keep the masses in check, to keep them from going to a tangible, or something of value. I ask myself,” What does it take to make people see this?”

As I write this Remarks, one of the larger banks in Austria has just gone belly up.

What does this mean potentially for us.? Austria is so far refusing to bail out this bank, but will let it go under. That means that all the people and institutions who own these bonds will loose the total value of these bonds. One such entity is the Austrian province of Corinthia, which ,as I read it,  owns $10 billion Euros in these bonds. It will possibly go under. No one knows how many derivatives are written on these bonds. So we will have to wait and see.


Right now, this country is in a deflation. I say that even though the cost of meat in the grocery store has doubled.. in one year alone.  How much worse will this deflation get? In my opinion, much worse. I base these feelings on the Commodity Index (CRB) If one can interpret mathematical models, this index is and has been heading down to it ;last support levels, which implies another steep 35% decline for the entire commodity sector.

The Baltic Dry Index ( mentioned in a previous letter) keeps going down to new lows each month. The lowest that it has been in 26 years.

To me that means another big downside move and that means a big move in deflation in many sectors. You can have inflation in some sectors, and deflation in others. So health care, food ,all medical, insurance etc can be going up big time, and the commodity area can be declining big time. California is in the biggest drought since the Dust Bowl of the 1920’s.( NO WATER) You would think that they would have had some desalination plants . AS I see it, one  is being built near San Diego , by an Israeli Company. What does the reader think this is going to have on food prices.???

The easiest way this is obvious is in crude oil., which has been the main topic of most people’s analysis. At this writing, it has fallen below the $50 dollar level a barrel. Although this chart has shown a recent bounce, I see this as a dead cat bounce,  and I believe we are going to see this price going down to a shocking $30 a barrel., before it bottoms.

To me that means that another deflation is about to hit us. The whole commodity sector is crumbling..

One can also look at the grain markets, which also have had a bounce on the charts. This sector also is going to go much lower. At least that is according to charts. I am talking about corn, wheat, coffee,, sugar, coca,–all with lower prices ahead..

The problem is just too much debt-as mentioned at the top of this letter. Money printing to keep this country afloat. DEBT UP TO YOUR EYE BALLS> If one looks at GLOBAL DEBT since 2007, it has increased 57 trillion. That is trillion. We seldom use the word billions any more. A trillion is 1000 billion.  But total Government debt has also increased a whopping 9.3% since 2007.. And all this debt is now more than many countries Gross Domestic Product.

The European answer is to impose austerity measures which are crushing all the peripheral economies like Greece. The Greek debt to GDP now stands at 175% compared to about 107% before the crisis. My feeling, Greece should get out of the Euro. Default on all of its Euro obligations, re issue the Greek Drachma and go its own way. It will anyway. There is just nbo hope of ever repaying its debt of 350 billion Euros.

Almost all of Europe is in a depression that I believe will get only worse. Even Germany is now on the verge of a deep recession, as is France. In other words, almost most of Europe is in a mess. Greece simply cannot make any payment on what they have borrowed from the West.. BROKE is BROKE.. One cannot make a payment on a credit card with another credit card. Greece owes about $350 billion, most of which is spread among the world’s many banks. But this $350 billion may expand to possibly 10 times this amount ( $3.5 trillion) when considering the insurance written on this debt  ( called derivatives) How is this going to be paid or handled???

In addition, the Ukraine is also very near default ( about one billion) and and  the derivative insurance may be one trillion. ( I am guessing at this amount)

Now we have Pfandbriefbank  Osterich AG will probable be the next criasis ( Austria) They will not be able to make a payment on their 600 million Euros owed, much of which is held by the Austrian province of Carinthea. This debt was formerly rated Triple A Not any more and all in the space of one week. The question thus becomes ,how many times can all these entities be bailed out by other sovereigns. Can everyone be bailed out by others??

What is the definition of Insanity?

A deranged state of mind usually occurring as a specific disorder.

or such an unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding which prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship status. This low mental capacity removes one from criminal or civil responsibility.

I mention the above because we have a government that does things that make no sense at all. That circumvents the constitution, that violates long standing laws, and that is plain corrupt.

When I mention the word corrupt, I am talking about the greatest corruption and lying of any administration in American history. That is the legacy of this Administration. One out of every five people is on food stamps How can there be any talk of recovery with almost 49 million people on food stamps. Our total debt under this president grows by 7-8% every year. More than all the other previous Presidents combined.

This President has pledged total transparency on more than one occasion, and yet he is the least transparent, and the most frequent liar of any previous president. In fact, this White House has just signed an executive order exempting itself from the Freedom of Information Act. Years of financial manipulation, and outright destruction have destroyed the truthfulness of any financial market.  From what I can add up, the 2014 total budget deficit was 5 trillion.

The total outstanding credit in the world today is now past $200 trillion. And I know that these numbers are hard to comprehend. And I also know that I have been writing about a conflagration ( an extensive fire that destroys everything) in the financial markets ( as I do so in this letter).. People often tell me I have been saying this for so long that they are beginning to yawn.

And so I tell you, the reader again, there are going to be enormous losses and cascading effects. There is a huge amount of dislocation on the way and it is going to be devastating in its scope and intensity. Concentrating on preserving your money. There is going to be a great reprising  of all kinds of financial instruments., stocks and bonds. It has already happened to Commodities and one quadrillion in derivatives is waiting in line. And that is where the carnage is going to occur.

A Summary of Sorts  (Potpourri)

Said many times,” broke is broke” and this situation cannot be solved with more liquidity., which will ultimately need to be paid back. This is the broad systemic problem, liquidity cannot ( and never could) fix a solvency problem. More liquidity ( printing money) only creates more debt and only buys some time while making the overall problem larger and larger. At some point in time, the money either gets paid back or “bankruptcy” is admitted to.

Our government is run by lawyers and not by financial experts. In studying graphs on all kinds of financial performance, one comes to the conclusion that there is a financial collapse brewing sometime this fall. I am talking about the period from October to December 2015.. I realize that I have talked about a financial collapse before, and certainly one in Europe. All the governments have printed money to keep this coming collapse at bay. To put it off to some time in the future. But the cycles are calling for this to finally happen soon. Our budget deficit is so far out of balance, that we now spend ( budget wise) $1.5 trillion dollars more each year than we take in. And this is the “known” factor here.

Many more trillions in expense are now off budget.. To put it to the reader very plainly, we have never been in a bigger bubble. The biggest bubble ever. Where will you be financially when this bubble bursts?? Probably up the creek because you think I cry wolf too often.

What kind of a financial collapse,. what kind of a Black Swan event? I do not know. There are so many things that could happen, so many financial items out of whack, that it could come from anywhere.. Our government is the major user of high frequency algorithms, the user of the most derivatives. Our government is borrowing with no intent of EVER paying anything back.  Derivatives out there amount to one quadrillion. To repeat myself, that is 1000 Trillion. The major five big banks in this country have approximately $77 trillion each in derivatives.

Taxes reduce economic growth which is initially deflationary. The elderly are now forced to work because any savings that they have does not earn any income. Our government is corrupt on both sides of the aisle. Your government is BROKE and thus will keep coming after your money time and time again. So I am also telling the reader that the total globe is  also corrupt.

All the business indicators, are dropping off the charts. The utility output has dropped the most in nine years. We are in a GOLBAL COLLAPSE. We have now had six straight months of declining manufacturing. There U.S. industrial production has dropped the most in nine years. When do people wake up.

All of the oil sector is laying off thousands of workers. Schlumberger will lay off 11000 more workers. The Baltic Dry index is simply a disaster, and is mentioned in a previous Remarks. The lowest in 20 years Retain sales are down 5%. New construction is down 31%. When do people wake up.??

Global Banking, Domestic Banking is now like running a violent hedge fund. And so  far, all losses in the banking industry have been made up by the US government. Under a new bill just passed as part of the Dodge Bill, that is going to change. The depositors are going to be fleeced now. The bankers now worry when will the little stupid guy start to figure this all out. Fully one half of the total stock market rise is from companies buying back their own stock. The price of meat has doubled this year and the drought in California will do the same to everything they produce for our markets.

You government desperately tries to control the price of every item, every financial report, and all the media. There is simply a record demand for gold by the few across the entire world. Yet the price does not rise because of heavy manipulation. Indeed, to cover myself, the price of gold may go down to $1000 before is goes up to the sky.

The price of gold and silver and platinum are all below the cost of production. Thus many mines will simply close down or merge to survive. The supply of these metals will soon dry up. However, the supply/demand ratio always wins out. At some point, most likely by the end of this year, these precious metal price will break out of their chains and make up for all the time they were illegally suppressed. HSBC is closing all its gold vaults.

Austria, as I read it, is now planning a far-reaching reform of its deposit insurance–default. You pay taxes all your life and you are told that government is there to protect you. Austria demonstrates the future of all nations will face for they now propose a bill which provides that “savers deposits in Austria no longer will be guaranteed by government. The banks should be responsible for the safety of savings, not the government. Your taxes are just for the banks’ and government benefit, not to protect the people. Taken from a Viennese newspaper. Of course, this has just happened in the U.S. via the Dodd-Frank bill.

Government self interests vs the people. Part of the problem with pensions and the elderly getting “screwed” is all about your government trying to keep interest rates low firstly to help the bankers, secondly to keep the interest rates low and lower. This is a direct conflict of interest which hurts the pensions and especially the elderly.

At this writing, Greece is very near defaulting. Plain and simple, it can never pay back the some $400 billion it owes to the European Central Bank. Russia will advances Greece $5 billion for a pipe line to go through Greece, but this is just a pittance. It is, in my opinion, the early start of a liquidity squeeze for many countries. Can Spain, Portugal, Italy be far behind.?

So all of this comes down to taking care of yourself. Whether the people believe the propaganda or the market manipulation– does not affect me one iota. I do what is best for me and my family., To repeat, there are very few people who realize what is going on. How bad this government is. We have the weakest administration in the history of our country. ( my opinion). We are going down, and it is nothing more than a Socialist Obama has  promised for this country.

Silver, at this price, and maybe going a little lower, is perhaps the biggest value in years.

It is used up in a 1000 applications and a large shortage will develop. Platinum is now below the price of gold  gold 1200, platinum 1138) Yet Platinum is 20 times rarer than. gold.

Platinum used to be always twice the price of gold., for years and years. Another bargain going begging. Dollar average, take advantage,squirrel away.

Conditions will be and are changing at breakneck speed  . We have lost untold industry. More than 40,000 factories have moved to China. With lost industry goes lost income  and lost ethics to conduct work and to add value. Instead the U.S. nation has turned to asset bubbles in a lazy manner, and to fraud on a grand scale. Since urged and applauded, even justified by Wall Street Banks, they have controlled this major national destruction.  To give you a great example, in 2013 the U.S. had a $319 billion trade deficit for one year with China.. This was the largest trade deficit that one nation has had with another nation has had with another nation in the history of the world. This fact has not attracted much attention, but to me it is an emblem of FAILURE. Never does a strong nation give away its industry and legitimate income unless it is being sabotaged. . ( my opinion)  Till Later.

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